It’s a pleasure to welcome Patrick Fortin back to Wax Cracker.  Patrick is back to share some more of his wax cracking with us all.

As you might have noticed from a few of my Twitter posts from last weekend, I had the pleasure of driving to Toronto as a friend had two VIP tickets to the Warriors-Raptors game.   It was weird to visit the Air Canada Centre for the first time… the home of the hated Maple Leafs.  I lived in Toronto for a few months in the late ‘90s so it was nice to see the city again… but as a Montreal Canadiens season tickets holder, the home of the Leafs is kind of enemy territory.

I was also rooting for the Golden State Warriors since Stephen Curry is one of my favorite NBA player.  Again, enemy territory!   The Raptors really played their defensive game well and were aggressive on offense so they got the W, and we had a lot of fun.  It was my very first NBA game and I look forward to another road trip next year!

So, spending the night in Toronto, I made sure to arrive in the city early to find a card store somewhere downtown.  Toronto is a 3-major teams city (Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays) so I thought the card market would be better than here in Montreal.  Well I had trouble finding a decent card store, and when I found one, it was mainly stocked with hockey cards.  The only Baseball boxes were Series 1 and Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.  I really wanted to sample the Donruss cards so I was kind of angry at the big city for not delivering on the card store front!  There was also a box of Panini Pinacle… but this is unfortunately far from a great product.

I went to the hotel room with the Series 1 and Bowman DP&P hoping to hit the proverbial homerun.

First product opened was the Series 1, it delivered the habitual inserts and colors.  When I saw the auto, I couldn’t help but tweet the picture of this Cespedes Trajectory auto to one of my twitter buddy, Mason (@mvaccaro13), the biggest Cespedes collector I know!


The manufactured trophy is always kinda gimmicky.


And the relic card was also from the Trajectory subset.  One of my favorite pitcher:  David Price!


A Jonathan Lucroy fan would have been happy with the color parallels… a camo of /99 and a Gold of the beloved Milwaukee catcher.


This nice black parallel of /63 was also found.


Several gold numbered to /2014 were hit, my favorite beeing this Billy Hamilton Rookie Card (oh the intensity!!)


The stamped buybacks cards were fun, especially because of the Lou Piniella card that mentions that Sweet Lou likes to play chess (he was destined to end up as a manager!)


photo (30)

So that’s pretty much it for the Series 1 box!

I then attacked the Bowman DP&P, hoping to find something cool.

I fell on the Blue Sapphire rookie reprint card in the first pack:


Two of my favorite inserts (well there was only 3 kind of inserts in my box to be honest) showcased players on these Future of The Franchise mini cards:


Another insert card in the box was this two-players Dual Draftees card.  This card also comes in an autographed version so I wish I could say I struck gold!  But the card is nice and features the same two players showed on the box itself: Frazier and Meadows.


The last insert was this Bowman Scouts Breakouts Sam Selman:


Here are the big name refractors from the box:  Colome, Zunino and Springer:



A Silver Ice of Riley Unroe:


A Blue Chrome parallel /99 of Archie Bradley (will he pitch this year for the Dbacks??):


An Orange /250 draft pick card of Andrew Knapp:


And a Blue parallel of /500 of Jeremy Hadley:


And, drumrolls… the autograph was of Tom Windle, who has an MLB ETA of 2015 and who is a projected 3rd pitcher at best (at worst a reliever).  A third pitcher for the Dodgers would surprise me… but is fastball and changeup are both rated 50/50.


So this is it for my two boxes from Toronto, let me know what you all think!  And thank you Casey for letting me e-ruin your blog again 🙂