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Are you all ready to see the aftermath left behind after cracking 13 boxes of 2014 Topps Turkey Red?  I am making a run at completing the whole base set today.  After ordering 20 boxes of product, let’s see how realistic of a goal this is.

I am going to show the process of how the 13 packs stacked up, but I won’t be highlighting each individual pack.  I’ll share the autograph per pack and then I will set out to put the cards in numerical order in chase of the complete set.  Here it goes, let’s see how this works…

2014-02-26 17.13.07
Time to crack 13 of these!
2014-03-07 17.07.58
14 pack stacks with one of them being yesterday’s pack, leaving a total of 13 from today.
2014-03-07 17.12.38
The autos. I was let down by how many double/triple autos I ended up with. However, the base cards still hit in those packs, which isn’t hard since there is only 100 cards.
2014-03-07 17.42.26
Grouped by the 10s in preparation of seeing how many cards I need to complete the set…if I haven’t already.

Here is the link to the set checklist.

Chasing the complete set:

2014-03-08 10.13.35
2014-03-08 10.16.21
2014-03-08 10.18.07
2014-03-08 10.20.27
31-40. I’m on fire now with no missing cards in the middle of the set.
2014-03-08 10.23.12
2014-03-08 10.25.27
2014-03-08 10.28.15
2014-03-08 10.30.14
2014-03-08 10.32.31
2014-03-08 10.34.26
2014-03-08 10.35.40
Doubles, triples,….

Can anyone help me complete the set? I am only 9 cards away if my count is correct. Twenty boxes in and I fell just short of a successful set completion mission.  With the way some of the packs hit with identical cards in the same exact order, I am willing to bet the cards I am missing would hit in one certain box.  It’s just a hunch, but wouldn’t that be something if one more box would hit with all the cards needed to complete the set?

Overall, this was a really fun process for me.  It has been a long time since I have cracked this level of product in multiples like this in the same day.  If only I could do this with some Triple Threads, Museum Collection, or Five Star, haha!  The base cards were great, but the autos for the most part left me wanting a little more.  I was grateful to add two more prinitng plates, the Kemp and the Verlander, along with a nice Marisnick.

What’s the most expensive product you have ever cracked?  What was the best hit from that cracking?

Go crack some wax for me today and share your hits @Sportsman_kc.

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