2014-03-08 17.01.26
Nice looking packaging
2014-03-08 17.02.08
Cepeda pog
2014-03-08 17.02.25
A really nice Campanella
2014-03-08 17.03.06
Base Cards

This was an enjoyable pack, especially if you’re into retro cards.  The players feature in this set span many years of baseball, so you never know who you might pull.  If you’re a collector looking to mine prospects, this isn’t the product for you.  Overall, this was a MEH pack for me.  It’s a great line, I’m just in a phase right now where I am chasing prospects because that is what I am focusing on right now.

I promised some Topps Mini tonight as well.  In an effort to get my collection more organized I am trying to cycle through some of the product I have sitting around here.  For the Topps mini I decided to organize the hits by team and not go pack by pack.  Below is the first set of teams I got organized.  I will share more with you tomorrow.  It takes some time to get all of these cards ready for presentation.

2014-03-08 17.07.11
The stacks to organize
2014-03-08 17.13.00
The Parallels
2014-03-08 17.14.25
The inserts with my form of asterisk. Your are singled out where you belong A-fraud.
2014-03-08 17.15.21
I think this is my first mini insert.
2014-03-08 17.31.30
2014-03-08 17.32.14
Mets, with no Josh Edgin:(
2014-03-08 17.33.14
2014-03-08 17.34.14
2014-03-08 17.35.04

…and plenty more teams to come tomorrow with a bunch of other cards.  Enjoy your Saturday night and go crack some wax!