2014-03-10 20.50.03
1989 Donruss Baseball
2014-03-10 20.58.00
Tim Raines shot for Partick Fortin.
2014-03-10 20.59.24
Wow, these wax packs bring back some memories!
2014-03-10 21.02.28
All 4 4th packs down.
2014-03-10 21.07.33
Pack 1
2014-03-10 21.09.33
Pack 2
2014-03-10 21.15.30
Pack 3 – Look at all of these doubles in one pack and this pack almost mirrored Pack 1.  Doubles in the same pack was something that happened quite often back then.  And it is never doubles of a future Hall of Famer.
2014-03-10 21.16.47
Pack 4
2014-03-10 21.17.07
Another Expo for Patrick Fortin.

I’m going to blame the fact that I ran out of energy to finish this post on the following picture.  Calvin, aptly named because he is orange, was born from the streets of Baltimore, loves baseball, and just may so happen to be named after another Calvin, loves to beg for my attention while I am cracking wax or writing.  This following type of occurrence often takes me away from my writing:

Calvin the Cool
I hope this turns into one of those meme pictures on social media. Calvin obviously is enjoying SoCal.