Welcome back to Wax Cracker Sterling More.  It’s great to have you back!

One of the great elements of sports is the venue to enjoy a healthy distraction of competition and give us something to subscribe to.  Sometimes life can throw us curveballs, even strike us out, but when we watch and root for our teams, we are elevated again.  I have been off the grid for a few weeks now, convalescing over some personal losses; that being said, I am renewed by the playoff race of hockey and my Penguins in the hunt, as well as the excitement of March Madness and rooting for underdog sleepers that can make some waves.

Sports brings people together, unites cities, communities, and keeps us engaged, as fans, as a society; we saw that recently in the Olympics.  I encourage each of you to remain the vigilant fans you are and go all in, leave it all on the field.  I remember a few years ago, when the Penguins and Red Wings played, for the second consecutive year in the Cup, and as the feverish pace of the closing seconds were executed, and the Pens young goaltender Fleury dove to stop the last shot…and the last rebound, I dove with him, off my couch.  Then…the elation of supremacy!  I lost my mom prior to that great playoff run and found something to believe in during that chase for the Cup.

My point here is that sports puts life into perspective.  Had the Pens lost that Cup, for the 2nd year in a row, I would still have enjoyed the hell out of that great run.  Winning is, in fact, not everything, but being a fan is something special.  Regardless of your situation, be the fan you have always been, and you will find enjoyment.  Sports, like life, has an ebb and flow, sometimes you ride the wave all the way out, and sometimes not.  The take-away is to enjoy the run, and these upcoming events (i.e.: hockey playoffs, NCAA Tournament, Spring Training), and may you and your team prevail, cheers!

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