2014-01-18 23.10.35
Roberto Clemente oversized card. Brian, who responded to one of my earlier posts said the Clemente is a 1971 Topps Super.  Tops Produced this series from 1969-1971.  Thanks for the info, Brian!
2014-01-18 23.10.56
Card backs were so much nicer back then.

If you all can recall, I wrote about the Roberto Clemente card above being given to me by my boss from his personal collection.  Roberto Clemente is one of my favorite players of all time.  To get the oversized card above, it meant a lot to me.  My boss recently asked me to go through some more of his cards to see if I can find a new home for them.  Below are the cards from the box he recently gave me to go through.  I have to admit, some of these cards I plan on buying for my own collection, but if you see anything that stands out that you may want to make an offer on, please email me at waxcracker1@gmail.com.  So let’s see what is in this box that I will be counting as a special pack for Day 74:

2014-03-15 11.38.35
Johnny Bench. A favorite player of my boss who was a Reds fan. The large card on the right matches my Clemente seen above.
2014-03-15 11.38.57
Bench card backs.
2014-03-15 11.42.27
I really like the look of these cards.
2014-03-15 11.43.04
A sweet looking McCovey
2014-03-15 11.43.16
Any idea what year this is from?
2014-03-15 11.44.56

Boog is one of the nicest retired players I have met.  Many a nights while at an Orioles game you will have a chance to get his autograph before the game at his BBQ stand in right field at Camden Yards.  He’s not hard to spot and he will sign anything, well almost anything.

2014-03-15 11.45.41
I doubled up some of these shots, but I don’t have the heart to delete pictures of baseball cards.

Eddie Murray was one of the coolest looking Orioles.  Why we ever let him get away I will never know, well I do, because we are the Orioles!

2014-03-15 11.46.55
I would have loved to see Clemente in action. I have been told he was a fiery player.

I love the Bufford card from the ’69 World Series. I may get this one to go along with my recently acquired Orioles ’70 World Series pin from the Allan Roth collection.

2014-03-15 11.47.59
Do you guys remember the old Denny’s Grand Slam cards that would come free when ordering a Grand Slam? The hologram card is from that line.
2014-03-15 11.51.35
I really like some of the retro card designs.
2014-03-15 11.52.23
More great card backs from when more attention was given to the design of the whole card, not just the card front.
2014-03-15 11.53.12
Another doubled up picture, but this one includes Garrett.
2014-03-15 11.53.56
A real Colt, a Baltimore Colt!
2014-03-15 11.54.29
A really nice looking O.J. It feels creepy just holding it, though.

I was shocked to find the O.J. card looking back at me.  The two cards above have really nice coloration.

2014-03-15 11.54.45
Simple and straightforward card backs.
2014-03-15 12.02.49
Some beasts are represented on these cards.

The cards below from 1971 are flippin’ sweet.  Anyone know why they are marked 1968 on the back?  These cards are showing up as 71’s online.

2014-03-15 12.03.54
Awesome groovy cards from 1968.
2014-03-15 12.05.32
These cards would look great with bubble captions.
2014-03-15 12.06.53
Baltimore Bullets, one of the most aptly named team names of all time.
2014-03-15 12.08.19
Nice jersey, Jerry Lucas!
2014-03-15 12.09.48
There were some ugly jerseys back then.
2014-03-15 12.11.00
Haywood’s jersey looks like it is on backwards.
2014-03-15 12.12.31
Sticker cards.
2014-03-15 12.13.09
I wish these Reed & Chamberlin cards were in better shape.
2014-03-15 12.13.48
Kurt Rambus, one of the dorkiest looking white dudes during his playing days.
2014-03-15 12.14.05
Looks more like a contract than a card back.
Unopened Nolan Ryan card from 1992 or earlier from Mother’s Cookies.

So that’s it from this special box.  Let me know if any of the cards interest you.  If not, the ones I don’t buy are going to Vegas with me.

I may have one more post in me for later.  Check back in and see if I found anything else to post about today.  Until then, head on over to the Wax Cracker/ Steel City March Madness Pick ‘Em League on ESPN and sign up.  You may take home one of three really sweet prizes.  Here is the link: Wax Cracker/Steel City Challenge