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Crackin' Wax™

After the tremendously overwhelming task of creating a custom GameDay OldSchool card nearly every day in 2010 for every game the Twins played, then following that up with a card for every game the Green Bay Packers played that year only to follow that up with over 50 insert-style cards tracing the whereabouts of former Minnesota Twins in the 2011 season, it was time for me to get back on the Graphers horse with a new concept.

While I enjoyed the vertical style of the 2010 Graphers, I wanted to try my hand at another horizontal style. The main goal with the 2011 set was to improve upon an already established theme while making the design appear more professional—like something you might actually pull out of a pack of licensed cards. One of the major problems with the original Graphers set from 2009, which were also horizontal, is that the…

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