I apologize for not getting posts in from Las Vegas like I had planned.  I had next to no signal from AT&T to be able to upload my posts, even our hot spot didn’t even work.  I did manage to write a few status updates while I was there, but I am just now seeing that they never posted either.

To get things back up and running again, I want to start off with a recap of some of the happenings in the Wax Cracker world.  The Wax Cracker/Steel City Collectibles March Madness Bracket Challenge launched with 45 participants.  I want to thank all of those who signed up and are now eligible for one of the Top 3 prizes depending on how the brackets rank in the end.  As of now here is the Top 5 brackets in the challenge at the Sweet 16 point:

randon, The_Franchise_R3

downtown105, downtown105

Bdmoore85, 1Bdmoore85

March Sadness, jeng52

Wait…This is the NIT?, bones2872

Congrats to those leading the pack so far.  You guys picked some good upsets!

While I was in Vegas I had the pleasure to meet up with Sean and Russ from Steel City Collectibles.  We were able to talk about some exciting ideas to help further the Wax Cracker and Steel City partnership.  As time goes by we will start to roll out some of the ideas we talked about, so stay tuned for more great things coming your way from Steel City Collectibles.  It was great to catch up with you guys in person, Sean and Russ!

I left off my wax Cracking with a post needed for Day 77.  I plan to start the cracking again at pack 77 and pretend like my week in Vegas with no signal didn’t cost us a few packs.  I am in the process of getting settled back in and I will start up the Wax Cracking machine tomorrow night with another fresh pack of cards.

Thanks to those that continued to check the site while I was away.  I appreciate you all stopping by to see if I had any new posts up yet.  As I get the project kicked started I am looking forward to sharing with you all the new things I have planned for the site.

Buckle up, enjoy the madness that is March, and go crack some wax for me tonight!  I’ll see you all tomorrow.  It’s good to be back to writing:)