2014-03-25 18.51.29


Today’s pack for the cracking is from the 2012 Bowman Chrome line.  Only getting 3 cards in a pack seems like such a waste to me.  Now keep in mind, I love Jumbo Packs with large numbers of cards per pack.

It feels good to get back in the cracking.  It felt weird to not have any cards to open while I was in Vegas.  This pack was a slow way to start out the cracking, but I hope to ramp it the quality of product in the coming weeks.

I launch the Sportsman Challenge Fantasy Baseball League recently and we are currently going through our 2014 Prospect Draft.  I was able to trade into the first round 3 times on top of the first rounder I already had.  I had to give up Verlander and Kemp to stockpile draft picks, but today alone I was able to draft Masahiro Tanaka #1 overall, Jose Abreu #2, and Kris Bryant #4.  I would say I had a pretty successful day and I got all 3 of my top targets.

Until tomorrow everyone, go crack some wax!