So I did ok winnings wise in Vegas on my video poker play.  I felt bad for missing a few days of postings while I was away, so I hope my peace offering below is enough to buy you all off!  I decided to put some of my winnings toward sprucing up the packs over the next few weeks in advance of my next announcement with Steel City Collectibles.  It’s going to be an exciting time leading into Opening Day and the weeks thereafter.  Hang with me here at Wax Cracker, things are about to get exciting!

So what do you guys think of my purchases below?

2014-03-26 18.12.17
I noticed a lot of the Donruss packs were thicker than the other ones on the box. I bought 12 thick packs from two boxes. I wanted to do a test to see if I get any good hits from buying the thicker packs.
2014-03-26 18.13.21
Just as I told Sean from Steel City that I am done buying retail and will be placing all my orders from him, I got the itch to spruce up some of the packs for tonight and this week by going out and buying blasters tonight, some of which were on clearance. No worries, Sean, I will start my orders soon:)
2014-03-26 19.36.21
These packs were twice as thick as the other in the same box. Let’s see if they hit!
2014-03-26 19.36.40
There’s nothing better than a fanned stack of unopened packs.
2014-03-26 19.36.53
2014 Topps Opening Day Jumbo Pack
2014-03-26 19.59.21
My first pack of 2014 Donruss, one of the thick packs.
2014-03-26 19.59.50
And BAM! The first thick pack I opened produced 2 Yasiel Puig’s, one of which is a bat relic!

Over the next few nights look for some longer posts from me.  I am keeping the first few short so I can catch up to speed and get used to the grind again.  Five days in Vegas really wore me out.

Until tomorrow, go crack some wax and get ready for a wild ride on over the next few weeks!