Baseball is back baby!  My Orioles have started out the season on a good note by beating the defending World Champion Boston Red Sox, and the Phillies won in a slugfest.  Tack that all on to the Padres beating the Dodgers last night and it has been two great days of baseball already.

Cheers to Opening Day and my baseball stat obsession being back.  Tom Barry, I am taking my fantasy baseball championship back this year!  I look forward to another great year in the Sportsman Challenge.  Good luck to all the participants and great prospect draft guys!  I am excited to welcome Patrick Fortin to the league this year.  Patrick, you are going to make for a great addition to our league.  Watch out though, all the participants are sharks, haha!

It’s a big night for me.  Along with Opening Day, tonight is the last episode of How I Met Your Mother.  To those close to me you know why this show means so much to me.  To others my connection to the show doesn’t matter right now, but maybe someday if you all are really bored I can share the story with you.

Back to business though.  I decided in celebration of the start of the 2014 MLB season to go on a cracking streak tonight.  I busted into my unopened pack stash and broke open two Blaster Boxes of 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition.  Today’s Pack 80 will encompass all 12 packs from the two boxes.  Below are tonight’s hits (3 packs per picture):

2014-03-31 19.07.10 2014-03-31 19.09.23 2014-03-31 19.53.34 2014-03-31 19.55.46 2014-03-31 19.56.29


This is still a YEAH product for me.  I really enjoy cracking these packs, but I am still let down by the fact that I have yet to get a Clint Frazier card from this product line.  I could be wrong and I will have to go back and check, but I am pretty sure I have yet to hit on a card from the player on the box of this product.

To all a good season, and to all a good night, go crack some wax, and let me know if you got a huge hit tonight!