Another road trip down and I am able to get back to cracking some baseball cards, my true love when it comes to sports card collecting.  In preparation for making the big announcement for the Wax Cracker Project tomorrow I decided to do a multiple pack cracking of 2012 Bowman Chrome today.

I really enjoy the Bowman line and I think it’s a great product across all offerings, Chrome, Platinum, Prospects, etc.  Though the base cards remain simple the action shots are great.  Some products feel overdone, but the understated presentation of this line fits my collecting style.

Below are the hits from today’s multiple pack cracking:

2014-04-05 14.08.30
The first 2 packs
2014-04-05 14.13.20
I like the Oritiz/Bogaerts card
2014-04-05 14.12.20
A nice Die Cut Posey
2014-04-05 14.11.14
2 nice packs mixed with All Stars and youngsters…and a cheater in Ryan Braun, too.
2014-04-05 14.10.13
3 Emerald Packs

I will be going through my collection and slabbing as many cards as I can today.  If I come across any good cards I will make sure to share them with you.  Please make sure to stop by tomorrow for the big news I have to share with you all.  Get excited, Wax Cracker is about to go super-sized 12 times a year!

Go crack some wax and get loose for tomorrow’s news!  Have a great weekend, everyone.