Congrats go out to Scott Forbes for winning the Wax Cracker/Steel City Collectibles March Madness Brackett Challenge! Scott finished in the 98.5 percentile in the entire ESPN Universe standings.  What a great run, Scott!

Here are the final standings for the prize winners:

1st Place:
Scott Forbes – Rdy fo Baseball forbese05

A 3 way tie for 2nd:
Maverick 3martin120499
BoomshakalaPat rainesdawson
masterjeap masterjeap

I will draw names from a hat to decide who takes home the 2nd and 3rd place prizes since there is a 3 way tie.  Since I didn’t set any rules for ties for the prizes, I will also supply a prize for the contestant that gets drawn last.  I’m not sure what that prize will be yet, but I will figure something out. Congrats to all the participants and to those who placed for the prizes!  You beat the Sportsman at his own game!  I will post the results of the tie results tomorrow.

A special thank you goes out to Sean at Steel City Collectibles for making the bracket challenge happen by sponsoring the contest!

Thanks everyone for participating!  Check back for Stanley Cup and The Finals contests!