2014-04-16 20.23.18

This was a really nice pack, a YEAH for sure.  I really like the look of the Rendon Rookie Challengers and a Rizzo to boot.  Throw in two other rookie cards and this pack left me happy.

I am planning what packs to buy for upcoming crackings.  I want to get some higher end products from Steel City, so send me some ideas on what I should buy.  Would you guys enjoy some Museum Collection?  With the upcoming Steel City Saturday in May I want to get back to cracking a premier pack of cards on Thursday as well.

I’m going to pack it up early tonight because I am feeling under the weather, but get ready for some awesome days ahead at the Wax Cracker Project.  The prize winners received their boxes and will be cracking them soon.  They have promised to share the hits from the March Madness Challenge boxes they won thanks to Steel City.

Go crack some wax and post your ideas on what I should buy below.