2014-04-20 17.07.34

I hope everyone has a had a great holiday weekend.  It was a nice day here in San Diego, and I’m currently watching my Orioles squander a lead against the Red Sox.  I can’t wait until Bundy and Gausman are with the big club full time.  Although, Zack Britton and Brian Matusz have become nice bullpen pieces, it’s depressing to know that they have yet to reach the huge potential they had as starters.  It’s gotten tiring as an Orioles fan to see big time pitching prospects fizzle out or succumb to career ending injuries.  However, that’s just how the prospect roller coaster ride goes, and it shows the need to have the best scouts controlling your club’s future…even though the best of scouts sometime get it wrong as well, a la Mike Trout and Tom Brady.

For today’s pack I cracked some more ’14 Gypsy Queen.  I have been looking closely through Steel City Collectibles site of recent to prepare for my next order.  Thank you Patrick Fortin for getting on me recently about buying retail!

Today’s pack turned out to be a pretty good one, a YEAH pack for sure.  I hit on a Nolan  Arenado relic, a Schoop rookie, a Cabrera, and a nice mini rookie…my best Gypsy Queen pack thus far in 2014.  I love Arenado’s defense and he shows flashes at third that remind me of Manny Machado.

I am looking forward to getting articles from More Sterling, and Scott Forbes, Patrick Fortin and Jean-Patric Bucci will be cracking their prizes from the Steel City March Madness Challenge.  I also plan to check in with John von Gunten this week to see if he has any comic book/card pieces he plans to share soon. I am looking forward to seeing what cards they hit on.  We are also getting closer to May when I will start showcasing Steel City Saturdays for the first time.  Stay tuned, things are about to heat up for the Wax Cracker Project.

Get to cracking and let me know what you all hit on!