*I wanted to get this post out there for you all to enjoy today.  I will be working on getting the rest of the pictures loaded to this article when I get home this evening.  Until then, please enjoy this great post from Patrick Fortin as Wax Cracker celebrates our 100th day!

I am so glad to be back on waxcracker.com, this time for an entire box retro review of 2012 Topps Archives, that I might forget to thank Casey for the March Madness bracket contest. I finished “in the money” this year (or is it “in the boxes?”) and was awarded a sweet box of Panini Momentum hoops cards. The box was comped by the nicest store south of the border (no, not Mexico wise guys… I’m in Canada!), Pittsburgh’s own Steel City Collectibles. Casey did an awesome job with this tourney and I certainly hope to compete again next year!

Not one to miss an opportunity to pinch a penny, I asked the guys at Steel City if I could load the free shipment (usually a 20$ value for shipping to Montreal) with a few purchases. After all, Easter should come with a few gifts (paid and/or unpaid)!

My friend and I loaded that package with the coolest boxes we could find at an affordable price. One of these was a very cool $49 2012 Topps Archives 24-packs hobby box. That’s a little more than 2$ per pack for this awesome throwback product that can deliver a few Montreal Expos hits (by now, you probably all know how much this is worth to me).

I already own the Dennis Martinez card from the 2012 Fan Favorite Autographs set but it came to me via eBay.


So let’s open this bad boy and show it as it should be displayed!


First pack shows a card from each throwback year plus a nice Seaver Topps Reprint insert (these can be identified by the Topps Archives Stamped Logo). This is probably my favorite Topps Cards ever… the baseball caps showing the position and the Team from 1981!



As usual, the back of the cards are also reproduced in the same design and colors as the card front.


The only thing you might notice is that the cards are highly glossed (Topps changed this the following year in 2013 along with the Heritage sets so that the cardboard stock would show a more classic feel).

Pack 2 reveals Longoria featured on a 1969 Deckle Edge card design.


Pack 3 shows the second such insert of the box, bringing us back a classic picture of Harmon Killebrew.


So two consecutive Deckle Edge inserts and these are supposed to fall two per hobby box!


Pack 4 brings the first of two promised Fan Favorites Autographs. From the White Sox: Bobby Thigpen.


His 57-saves season is still considered as one of the best since it became an official stat back in ’69. To be honest, when I looked at the Fan Favorites Autographs checklist, there was a lot of names I did not recognize. I am very glad to find an auto of a guy I may not have closely followed, but who was featured in some games I did watch in my youth (we had the local Detroit networks as the NBC, ABC and CBS channels when I grew up so I did watch a lot of Tigers game… and thus… some awesome Chi-Sox matchups!).


Wait! This pack has another cool card… the Starlin Castro is a Cloth Sticker insert! Feels like something I would stick on my school pen-bags when I was in fourth grade!


Pack 5 shows a Brooks Robinson stamped reprint. Man, this 1972 design has been used a lot in the last years hasn’t it?



Oh… pack six brings something verrrry cool for me…


Let’s take a closer look! J


Just Awesome!

Ok, back to business!

Pack 7 shows yet another Cloth Sticker! Marlins phenom Giancarlo Stanton could be on my pen-bags if I was back in fourth grade… and if I didn’t hate the Marlins as much as I do (Hello Jeffrey Loria who is not a pen-bag but another kind of bag that rhymes with Rhum-Bag!) Stanton is an awesome player, just playing for an awefull owner!



Pack 8 is up and we already have our second auto! This one is an unknown ballplayer to me (sorry!). A home-run hitter for the Metropolitans who is now ranked fourteenth in MLB Career Strikeouts!


Let’s give a polite welcome to Dave Kingman.


The next pack brings two cool cards… the Schmidt mustache and the Stargell swag. Look at the legends featured on the bottom row of this pic!


And the ’81 Topps design in all it’s glory… even more awesome with the Pirates hat!


Pack 10:


Pack 11 (hey, Kingman is back with a fake auto this time around!!!)


Let’s compare the real auto and the one from the 1977 design!


Wow…let’s just hope that the printed auto is not commonly used to authenticate good ol’Kingman’s signed stuff!

Pack 12 brings yet another classic Topps Design with a 1976 Topps design (my birth year!). I believe the little fella on the lower left side of this classic George Brett card was different for each position! This is probably the one used for third basemen!


Pack 13 introduces the funky floating faces! This one shows a beheaded Josh Hamilton!


Pack 14 shows my first ’12 Archives gold refractor (also two per box). Sir Hunter Pence… of the Phillies (back then!).

Probably one of the coolest refractor I’ve ever seen… nice golden glow!


Pack 15 and yet another classic design… a ’75 Robin Yount.


Pack 16 shows my first Archives 3-D card… it’s a nice one of Dustin Pedroia.


Grooooovy insert!


Pack 17:


Pack 18 brings the second gold refractor…


oh well… a Yankee!


Pack 19 brings a nice Jackie Robinson card.


Very nice card indeed:


This man started his pro career at Montreal’s Jarry park (for the Montreal Royals… a class AAA affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers). The Montreal crowd treated Robinson with respect and even rushed to Jarry Park to each and every game as he was… well… a true Fan Favorite here (to borrow from the ’12 Archives theme). I happen to work in an office building that is just a two minutes walk from where Jarry Park used to be. The house where Robinson used to room is also a few streets from where I work… I will take a photo of it in the next days as it is a very nice peace of Montreal Baseball History (scratch that)…. A very important piece of North American history!

And… back to the box!

Pack 20 shows a Justin Upton 3D card (from is D-Back days…)


Pack 21 and a funny floating Jeter head!


Pack 22 showcasing the simple 1967 design (Joe Morgan stamped reprint)


Pack 23 and the floating Kung-Fu Panda (along with the base Sandoval card!).


When you put the cards side by side… Sandoval seems to be unhappy about Floating-Head-Kung-Fu-Panda’s swaggerfull attitude!!


And the final 24th pack shows a 3-D Nelson Cruz (I’d rather note the nice Roberto Clemente card on the top row and forget the Ty Cobb awkward pose… two great players… but only one inspiring legend!)

All these cards, 24 realy fun packs featuring multiple historical baseball card designs for less than 50$! Wow! Two autographs including one wich brings great memories from watching the Tigers vs White Sox games when I was a teenager.
Honestly, if a store had these packs at $2 a piece… they would see me each and every day with my little funny looking Toonie.

Here’s a toonie… take my money and give me a pack!

I certainly hope you enjoyed the quick review… again, sorry for the typos… English is still my second language! J

And thanks to Casey for giving my rants a nice comfy home!

I’ll be back at the end of the week to let you all know how my two other big boxes broke (ITG History of Hockey and my March Madness waxcracker.com and steelcitycollectibles.com prize: Panini Momentum Basketball). I will also try to Chronicle my friend’s JP’s hits with his box of Panini Brilliance Hoops and Contenders Hockey.