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After a brief autograph drought, the signature train is back on track for the Wax Cracker Project.  I cracked a pack of ’13 Bowman Chrome Baseball and found a Jeremy Baltz auto and a Robert Osuna Prospect Autograph Refractor Parallel (which I will probably never see because it is a Topps Redemption

…and Topps Redemptions are one of the worst experiences a collector will ever be put through…I can go on and on about how terrible TOPPS REDEMPTIONS are.  I have been waiting over two years for a Felix Hernandez TOPPS TERRIBLE REDEMPTION PROGRAM CARD.  I feel the TOPPS REDEMPTION PROGRAM is a form of false advertising and a total rip off.  I have spent way too much time trying to deal with Topps Customer Service.  Only one employee was ever been of help in the Topps Customer Service office, and he was helping me with an extremely screwed up shipment of my order that dragged on for two months.  Even he could not help me navigate the the BS that is the Topps Redemption Program.

Please post your redemption horror stories below, I know a lot of you have them.  Feel free to use my website as a forum to get your experiences out.  Topps has never responded to anyone of my public Tweets to them, and they have rarely responded to my emails.  When I do receive responses they give no useful information at all.

I have been told numerous times the card I am waiting on has been signed and it will be shipped in two weeks after it is put in a plastic frame…two weeks, has become two months, has become two years………….

I apologize for going on a rant, but the way Topps has treated collectors that unfortunately end up with their redemption cards leaves me wanting to get the story out.

Overall, this would be a SUPER YEAH pack if I knew I would one day SOON receive the Robert Osuna redemption card.

Go crack some wax and pray you get an on card auto instead of a redemption card!

*Topps Redemption Program is the equivalent of Michael Pineda, #cheatascomparedtoacheater