I’d like to welcome Scott Forbes to the Wax Cracker Project as he shares with us all the hits from his 1st Place prize.  Scott got me back into collecting a few years back when I was living in Baltimore.  I had been away from the hobby for a long time until Scott pulled up to the front stoop of my old apartment and told me to get in the car because we were off to the card shop.  Many packs later my idea for Wax Cracker was born.  

Congrats go out to Scott, Patrick, and Jean-Patric for winning the prizes for this year’s Wax Cracker/Steel City Collectibles March Madness Bracket Challenge Contest!

I am going to forgo today’s wax cracking on my part in order to gives Scott’s piece top billing.  I hope you all enjoy Scott’s post and help me encourage him to keep writing for me!

Below is Scott’s post:

1st Place pulls from the 2013 All-Time Greats Basketball Hobby Box won by Scott Forbes

This prize and cracking brought to you by Steel City Collectibles.


Please accept the following excuse for taking so long to write:

I’ve been racking my mind on what I wanted to write for over a week and I’ve successfully harnessed the power of procrastination. Trying to find time between work, travel, and all that Jazz makes it tough to create an entertaining piece that won’t bore the hell out of the reader; not to mention the TECHnical aspects of trying to embed a cheesy YouTube Video which has nothing to do with anything…OR! Does it…? I honestly don’t know how Casey can manage pulling together a piece each and every night with as busy as I know he is. Casey, well done!

Now that I have successfully created an excuse and everyone has forgiven me I would first like to thank Casey and Steel City Collectables for their collaboration and putting together this experience for Sportsmen and Collectors alike. I had a lot of fun with this bracket, taking first and finishing first for the first time (with an awesome prize to boot) made this bracket a great experience.

I began collecting trading cards of all sorts when I was five years old. My parents would buy me retail sleeves at the local drugstore as a treat when we were out and they also used cards as a bribe for me to get good grades in school. If I made the Honor Roll they would buy me a box of cards of my choosing. At the time, a box of baseball cards would go for around $40-$50 per case. The first box that I ever received and first set that I ever built was a box of 1992 Upper Deck Baseball, after that I was hooked for good. I worked long and hard with my mother by going to the local shops and trading for singles to fill the base set as well as filling out as much of the subsets as possible. This continues to be one my best collecting memories. Throughout most of my collecting I’ve focused mostly on football, baseball, and comic cards.   Every once in a while I would venture outside my niche and buy a pack here or there of hockey or basketball cards and then NASCAR as I got older in order to experiment with other things that are out there. The latter I never really got into, I think mostly due to the lack of variety at the time and general interest with most collectors that I knew. The tournament challenge however has inspired me to again venture into this territory once again and maybe I’ll start slowly with trying a pack or two by going to the local Target tonight (I will heed your warnings Casey). In the mean time I would like to share the two basketball cards that I have in my possession and not at my parents house from my first try at the basketball trading card market.

Bird Grant

I had to dig deep into the boxes to find these two cards among the thousands of singles they were stacked with. I’m too lazy to go upstairs and double check the dates on these cards, but I believe they are both 1990 vintage which would have made me eight when I decided to buy these packs. I remember always liking the design of Skybox as a kid; the backgrounds kind of reminded me of the laser backdrops from school pictures that the cool kids got their pictures taken with. Oh, and check out the flame on that Horace Grant basketball. Remember NBA Jam, the game? When you got hot you would shoot a ball of fire that could never miss and would singe the net. Yeah, that was cool.

Like Patrick, I to decided to fill out my shipment from Steel City to make good on shipping. In the shipment I added two boxes of baseball; 2013 Panini Extra Edition and 2013 Bowman Draft, along with some supplies. Like Casey, if you like auto’s and are into prospects I highly recommend the Panini product. This was my second hobby box from this set and I’ve also purchased a blaster box in the past. Without further ado, let’s get to the prize!!! I was so excited about getting into this box that I had a co-worker grab the shipment from my office at work to bring it to me at my hotel where I was working in DC for the week – I just couldn’t wait. The prize: 2013 All-Time Greats Basketball Hobby Box from Steel City Collectables. This box consisted of four cards that came in a really nice collectable tin box that has a display window in the lid. All 4 cards are made of a thick paper stock, as you can see from the shading in the photos these cards are about ¼ inch thick, for the Canadian readers and alike that’s about 6.35 millimeters. I can honestly say that basketball is a sport that I don’t really follow until the playoffs or what is standard coverage on Sportscenter. However, my knowledge is good enough to know who the player was in this box! Did you pick up on the clues at the beginning of this post? It was my feeble attempt at testing your knowledge and wits.

Karl Malone 1

As you can see every card in this box is of the same player which is something that I did not expect. Does anyone know if this is normal for this product? In any case Karl Malone is already a Hall of Famer and the fact that I know who he is even better! I was really psyched about this box and I was not disappointed. In the modified words of Casey and Stone Cold Steve Austin, I give it an OH HELL YEAH, pack!

Karl Malone 2

So, rather abruptly I will wrap up as I’m sure you all are very tired of reading this post by saying, “that is all that I have to say about that”.

Go crack some WAX!