2014-04-27 16.04.12


I hit for one of the nicest Puig cards in my collection today.  Maybe not so much for value, but I love the look of the card.  Talk about a Dodger and Phillies heavy pack.  In this situation I am not complaining.  Rack this one up to a YEAH pack.

I am getting excited that May is just days away.  Not only will I be celebrating my birthday this week, but we are getting close to the first Steel City Saturday.  I hope you all are looking forward to it as much as I am.  Along with the first SCCS, Patrick should be checking in with the hits from his prize from the Bracket Challenge, along with what Jean-Patric got in his 3rd place prize as well.  To top all of that off I am have been trolling the Steel City website to get in line what my next purchase for the Wax Cracker Project will be.

Did you guys crack anything good this weekend?