Guess who’s back with the keys to That’s right, your favorite French Canadian is back with a brand new waxcrackin’ post! You all know me from the mean streets (suburbs?) of Montreal and… what…?

… Your favorite French Canadian is actually Mario Lemieux…?

…Ok, well I can understand with this site’s connection to the great city of Pittsburgh but stil… the name is Patrick Fortin and I’m here to give a million thanks to Casey and to Steel City Collectibles for the awesome NCAA March Madness bracket challenge! I managed to finish in a 3-way tie for second place and received a nice Panini Momentum box for all this college hoops knowledge. to tell you the truth, I have absolutely no college hoops knowledge… I was the proverbial “funny and not necessarily cute zoo animal” in the bracket who made random choices, proving once again that Brackets are not really a skill based game.

I’m sure Scott Forbes (winner of the bracket) knew a little more about the game so that’s why he has an awesome Karl Malone box showcased on this site… if you haven’t taken a long look at his box… go back a few posts and give it a read.  Congrats on the bracket an on the card Scott!

O.k. so the Momentum box promised 5 autographs and a few base cards. The first auto I found was one of Doron Lamb of the Bucks. Well Google tells me that he is now playing in Orlando and the guy doesn’t have many PPG on his stat board (that’s Points Per Game folks… the stat I usually look at when I have no idea who a player is… I now have to admit that I’m not really a NBA fan either… but I did attend a Raptors game this year!)


Speaking of the Raptors, the next hit is of Nando De Colo.   Don’t get fooled by the Spurs jersey…


Third hit is a redemption of one Tyler Zeller… look at the beautiful colors on this card!  I really like the grey scracthy-powder look on the white background!


Fourth autographed hit and first numbered card is of Charlotte’s Byron Mullens (well.. again… Google tells me he now plays for the Sixers!!)


Followed by my Big Hit (well… bigger hit?), hoops semi-legend Isaiah Rider.


Ok… not the biggest box!  Well… It was free so who am I to complain!

I also ordered a cool box of History of Hockey to have it “free shipped” accross the borders along with my prize.  Here are the hits from this hockey “buybacks” box.


First hit was a cool but low-value card showcasing two huge Defense legends from the Red Wings.


Second card reveals a cool autographed card of another hockey great… this time from the NY Islanders.  The card was autographed and certified by PSA/DNA.


This is actually my first Topps hockey card!  Here in Canada we had the O’Pee’Chee versions of the same cards (usually bilingual, featuring the same designs and photography).

Third hit was a Dave “Tiger” Williams rookie card.  Not a big hit for a Canadiens fan but I’ll try to make a few buck on eBay!


And the last card is actually a showcase of one of the few goals scored by a goalie… the card says it all…


That’s almost it for this order.  My friend and coworker Jean-Patric (yeah we almost share the same name) also ordered a cool box of Panini Contenders Hockey and I would like to show the huge hit he got from it.  To say that I’m jealous would be a morbid understatement.


Wait for it… Boom!  Thomas, Staal, Lidstrom, Kane, Price and Kessel!

photo… Just…. Wow!  Congrats J.P.!

Thanks for reading!  I should be back soon… maybe with a cool box of 2014 Bowman!

You can read my rants on twitter… I’m PFo76!