2014-04-28 17.59.42
The hits.
2014-04-28 18.00.17
2014-04-28 18.00.39
The smallest mini I have ever pulled.

I feel like I have been neglecting my readers that are in to the other major sports.  I have been focusing a lot on baseball recently with the start of the 2014 season.  I have a nice box of NHL cards on the horizon, so please stick with me as I will b cracking into that box on a Saturday coming up in May.

My Cuban Defectors fantasy baseball team took a big blow today with Bryce Harper going under the knife with a thumb injury that will sideline him until at least July.  Harper hasn’t done much for my team since I acquired him via trade toward the middle of last season.  Do you think the injury to Harper will effect the price of Harper’s cards on eBay?  I have noticed a drop in price on Bundy cards since he had surgery.

And to add insult to injury tonight, Darvish only goes 3.1 innings against Oakland.  Luckily, I have Sonny Gray going for the A’s, so I hope he can pull out the win and quality start for me.  I have had my arch nemesis, Tom of Sudden Impact, gain about 25 points in the last few days and pass me for first place.  I want my spot back, Tom!

Is anybody out there cracking anything?  I get a decent amount of traffic on Wax Cracker, but I have had a hard time getting sports card discussions going.  I hope over the next few months we can get some good discussions going on here.