Patrick here!  When I read on this site that Casey was going to go mining for 2014 Panini Titanium Hockey Gems in a few days, it brought back some nice memories from the 2012 edition of the product.  I was going to write the “last” edition of the product… but unfortunately, the “last” one will be 2014 as Panini lost the NHL license for the upcoming years.

The first series of image I will showcase is my beloved collection of Panini Titanium 2012 Autographed Die-Cut Sweaters (they did not use the word Jersey).  These are all numbered.  Most of these were bought off eBay but a few were found in boxes that I broke alone or with friends around my pool table!  Actually, the crown prize of my collection came from an online break when I shelled out $7 to buy all hits from the Montreal Canadiens… I really struck gold as you will see!

By the way, these are a returning set in the 2014 boxes so I really hope Casey will hit one!

Here is the first wave of my collection.


We have…

Former Canadiens Captain Saky Koivu Ducks Third Sweater /25

Sean Couturier Flyers Away Sweater /50 (Rookie Card!)

Adam Graves Oilers Home Sweater / 100 (NHL Teams used to wear white at home back in his playing days)

Henrik Sedin Third Sweater / 25

Luc Robitaille Home Sweater (shame it’s not from the Kings) /100 (faded auto is also a shame)

David Backes Away Sweater /50

Second wave image:


One of my favoite: Denis Savard Home Jersey /100 (why is it not white?  he played in the same era as Graves… oh well…)

David Backes Away Sweater /50

Mike Cammalleri away jersey /50

Bobby Ryan Home Jersey from his former team, the Ducks /100

Ryan Miller Third Sabres Jersey /25

Marian Gaborik away Rangers /50 (yeah, a lot of trades and free agents moves in the NHL!)

Third wave:


Travis Zajac Prime Patch Home Jersey /25 (the only one in my collection that is not a regular jersey version… I was trying to cut on the cost as the auto was more important to me!)

Tim Thomas 3rd Bruins Jersey /25

Patrick Marleau Away Sharks (hey San Jose… bring back these lower jersey stripes… your all-white unis look like practice jerseys!) /50

Gabriel Landeskog Home /100 (Rookie Card!)

Another one of my favorite, future HOFamer Pavel Datsyuk Home Jersey /100

Rick Nash Away Colombus /50

Fourth Wave:


Vincent Lecavalier, from his prime-carreer team Tampa Bay Lightning home jersey /100

Another future (soon to be) HOFer from the Wings, Nicklas Lidstrom Away Jersey /50 (bought this one on eBay, but hit the same /50 card in a box later on!… sold the second one on eBay… talk about back and forth Lidstrom dealing!!)

Ryan Ellis Nashville Sugar-High-Pee-dators… I mean, Predators (what a color!) home /100

The Wall! Nikolai Khabibulin Home Oilers /100

And lazy signer Drew Doughty Away Sweater /50

Last wave… a mini-wave of awesome goalies:


Three of my favorite goalies (the middle one for obvious reasons!)

King Henrik Lundqvist Home Rangers Jersey /100

Carey Price (Go! Habs Go!… beat the Bruins!) road sweater shortprinted /25.  This one was one in an online break folks!  I bought the Canadiens hits for $7 and ended up with this gem!

and Grant Fuhr, Kings Home White version /100

So that’s it for my Die-Cut autographed sweaters collection.  Again, I really want Casey to hit one as this is a really cool series of subsets (Home, Away and Third Jersey have base jerseys and prime patches versions in checklist!)  I hope you hit that Claude Giroux Flyers Away Jersey /25 (or prime version /15) seen on the 2014 checklist buddy!

Casey: If you hit a Brendan Gallagher rookie version home jersey… you know we’re on for a card vs card bet somewhere in these NHL playoffs! 🙂

(image courtesy of, not my card… yet!)


Back to my Titanium Collection, I did not buy other cards on eBay, but I did hit some interesting cards while breaking my own boxes.

The “true rookie cards” are thick and numbered to the player’s jersey number.  However, a version of each card in the 2012 set were called “untrue rookie cards” (I guess!) and were easier to get but are printed on regular thickness card stock.  As was the case in 2012, the 2014 set will also feature “draft parallel” cards numbered to the actual draft position (or /100 for later picks).  Retail versions do exist in 2014 and are numbered to /299, red version retail /99 or gold version retail /10.

The only one I had the chance to hit was an “untrue rookie card” /100 of a Nashville’s Gabriel Bourque.


I did hit a true rookie card in a box but it was in one that was broke between me and 3 friends for fun only.  One of these friends ended up with the card.

Un-numbered regular jersey cards had a nice design in 2012… here is one of Anze Kopitar:


Some rookies and freshmen were also featured in a flashy ’90s style card called New Wave.  Here is one of former Habs player Raphael Diaz:


One of the finest auto I hit in a box of my own was one from a player who is now playing for Casey’s Flyers but who was then a Kings rookie… Brayden Schenn from the Draft Day Autograph subset.


And the finest autographed rookie card hit from the 2012 version was this one from the Avalanche…


The private signings collection can be found in multiple Panini products, this one could be found in the ’12 Titanium boxes.  This one of Gabriel Landeskog turned out to be the card featuring the best rookie from the ’12 crop (at the time, the Oiler’s Nugent-Hopkins was more sought after, but time has already shown that Landeskog is an elite player, and now a Captain for the Avalanche).  Now for this year’s version, I sure wish that Casey will hit a card from Gabriel’s teammate: Nathan MacKinnon.  His true rookie card is jersey numbered to /29 and is going to be worth a lot of $$.  There is also a “draft parallel” numbered to /1 as he was the #1 pick in his draft class.

I also hit a nice Dan Boyle Private Signings card but forgot to take a pic for this post!  It was once featured on my @Pfo76 twitter account if you want to browse my pictures… and say hi!

The last featured card in this post was also hit by a friend in one of my “shooting pools and breaking boxes” night here at my house.  He happens not to be collecting card so he left the card here as a loaner in my collection.  He drafted the Bruins as he is an anomaly: a Bruins fan from Montreal!

image (2)

Brad Marchand patch / 25… a player soon to be eliminated by my Habs!  I’m going to the fourth game at the Bell Center on Thursday!  Series is now tied 1-1 as of Sunday.

Ok, I want to leave with a special birthday gift for Casey!  I will have him join the gang at soon (my favortite break spot as my friend there doesn’t overcharge for Canadian shipping) as I’m buying him a spot or two (depending on spot prices).  Nothing pricey… but just to say thanks for hosting my Wax Cracker rambling and for providing daily entertainment during dinner breaks at work with his own posts!  I never miss one!

Happy Birthday Man! (a little bit late…but still) and good luck with Saturday’s Titanium… I’ll be watching.

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