I’ve had three great mail days in a row.  I was shocked to find an envelope from Topps Redemption in the mail on Thursday, absolutely shocked.  I was hoping that it would be the Felix Hernandez auto I have been waiting on for over two years. I got my hopes up for nothing and it was my own fault to put that much faith in Topps Redemption, but they did turn around this card decently fast for me:

2014-05-17 16.52.08
Robert Osuna autographed refractor.
2014-05-17 16.52.24
#’d 132/500

The next envelope rolled in on Friday.  Two redemption mail days in a row, unheard of, right?  This redemption was from Panini and they turned this redemption from Elite Extra Editon around quite fast:

2014-05-17 16.52.46
Orlando Castro #’d 6/25.

And today a third envelope from Pittsburgh rolled in from my buddy, Lou Arrico.  Lou mentioned to me recently he was going to put some cards in the mail to me that he found from his collection.  Thanks for thinking of me, Lou!  These are the first Panini Black Friday cards in my collection:

2014-05-17 16.54.21
NIce cards, with a serial #’d Gattis Rookie Card.
2014-05-17 16.54.51
I love this card…pretty classy in jet black with an iridescent shine.
2014-05-17 16.55.26
I finally got B.I.G., Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Rookie Cards! My collection is complete! Where did you find these, Lou???
2014-05-17 16.55.50
2/3 of these 3 are still alive on an island somewhere with Elvis and any other questionably dead stars.
2014-05-17 16.56.43
And the top pick from the draft, an Anthony Bennett #’d 71/99 Rookie Card Relic. I hope this guy can turn it around.

Many thanks go out to Lou for the surprise in the mail today.  I very much appreciate you thinking of the Wax Cracker Project for these cards.  I’ll give them a happy home and display them as they deserve to be.