This week was one of the craziest I can recall.  The fires in North County San Diego were reminiscent of scenes from terrible end of the world movies, the ones that seem to come out every year with the same plot.  From San Marcos, to Carlsbad, to Fallbrook it seemed like fires were starting like dominos falling.  While trying to go about my normal duties at my job, it was hard trying to look past houses on fire, the road closures, and the uneasiness of wondering where the flames might spread.

This was my first exposure to California wildfires.  I had only seen them on the news back home on the east coast, and I always wondered why anyone would want to live amongst threats of fires and earthquakes.  It wasn’t until I decided to go all in and see where the move to SoCal would take me that I was able to understand why people live here.  I have never experienced some of the views I have out here, and the climate has been wonderful. I can now understand why people love it out here, and my thoughts of the west coast have come full circle.

Putting this week aside, it is time for me to get back to what has seemingly become an escape for me, sports cards.  Today I want to get the Wax Cracker Project back on track and get this train going full blast down the tracks for the rest of the summer and baseball season.  It’s time to start ramping it up a little bit by doing some out of the box posts.  I have a few contacts that I want to catch up with to see where they may lead.  The first one I want to run with is a authenticated game used memorabilia contact I met at Petco Park recently.  I hope to get together with him for an interview soon and see what kind of memorabilia he will be willing to share with us.

Until then, I am cracking three packs today to make up for the writing I took a break from this past week.  Below are the three packs I cracked today:

2014-05-17 12.33.00
A pretty sweet looking Miguel Cabrera pulled from Pack 1.
2014-05-17 12.33.34
Cabrera card back.
2014-05-17 12.34.07
The Winker insert is the first of its kind that I’ve pulled from Prizm. These are the hits from Pack 2.
2014-05-17 12.34.38
Winker card back.
2014-05-17 12.35.24
A nice Greg Maddux insert in Pack 3.

I continue to love Panini Prizm.  It also feels good to get back into cracking wax.  What have you all been breaking this week?