2014-05-18 10.33.39

Here are today’s hits everyone.  I cracked a pack of 2014 Bowman baseball today.  I have only bought one box of 2014 Bowman Baseball so far.  I am trying to force myself to get my collection organized before I buy any more packs.  Also, I have a move facing me, so the less I have to pack and transport the better.

The Nick Castellanos Mini Refractor was a welcomed hit.  I have followed Castellanos closely throughout his rise through the ranks of the Tigers system.  The Michael Choice Rookie was a nice hit as well.  However, there’s something about Choice that makes me feel like he won’t pan out.  I have no reasons to support this, but I just have that feeling with this player.

The Bowman base cards seem extra cheap this year.  They are pretty flimsy.  They feel like something that would be pulled from a Happy Meal almost.  I might be letting my current disdain for the Topps Company and their redemption program cloud my judgement slightly, but the base cards could use some work.

Overall, this was a YEAH pack because of the Castellanos hit.

Also, if you all are looking for a great Twitter account to follow, stop by and check out @SHOWYOURHITS and his site Sports Card Magazine.  If you get a great hit share it with us all and post a picture of your card with #SHOWYOURHIT or send it to @SHOWYOURHITS.  Thanks for the shout out last night and I very much appreciate your retweets!  Keep up the great work.

I won’t ask anymore what you all are cracking today because I never seem to get any responses.  So for today…Marco?