2014-05-22 17.22.16
Just like the Frank’s Red Hot slogan, Pete Rose will put his auto on anything!
2014-05-22 17.22.58
The Perez card would be better if he was pictured with his dog named Munchie.

I cracked a round of double packs tonight because I missed a post last night.  I continue to try to hit on a color parallel, but have had no luck yet out of this box of 2013 Panini Prizm.

I am ramping up to spend a day this holiday weekend to get more of my collection organized.  I look forward to some day having a place to display my collection.  I think I am actually at the point where I could put out a decent spread at a card show.  I am interested in seeing what kind of a return I could get on some of the cards I want to sell.

Do any of you have any big baseball plans this holiday weekend?  Memorial Day Weekend is a great time for baseball, especially with all of the celebrations at the ballparks.  I plan to spend Saturday morning on the flight deck of the USS Midway for the Memorial Day Service.  I am hoping they have a WWII era plane fly by again this year.

USS Midway
Checking out the cockpit of a retired fighter jet onboard the USS Midway last year.