Many sports cards collectors, I assume, struggle with the urge to buy boxes of cards as compared with the amount of cash in their pockets.  There probably are the lucky few that can buy a case of Topps Five Star and not think twice, and to them I say bah humbug out of sheer jealousy.  For the rest of us the struggle exists: cards or cash in pocket???  You may have noticed I am cracking the same product over and over again over the last few weeks.  It relates directly with trying to watch my wallet in preparation of trying to find a new apartment.  Please stick with me as I will keep cracking Panini Prizm, Elite Extra Edition, and so on.  Besides, we all have the June Steel City Saturday to look forward to soon.  I hope to fill the next SCS in early June.

For tonight I am going back to the well and cracking more 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition.  The hits were as follows:

2014-05-28 17.56.06
I have Ryne Stanek down as the best hit from this pack. Do you agree?

Wax Cracker will be adding a new writer soon to join the ranks with Sterling More, John von Gunten, and Patrick Fortin.  I will be posting an introductory article soon on the newest addition to the Wax Cracker Project.  If you like polarizing pieces, this guy will deliver!  Get ready to join in the conversations the new guy is likely to start!  Until then, go crack some wax!