Tonight’s pack really stood out to me.  I’m pretty sure it said, “Oh hey!”  I gave in and decided to crack into yet another pack of 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition.  I’m glad I listened to my gut feeling for once.  Below are the hits from the pack, including a pretty sweet Padres hit:

2014-05-30 18.37.45
2014-05-30 18.39.37
A gem of a hit in an Erik Schoenrock #’d 39/50 cracked in the city it should be cracked in, San Diego.

The Schoenrock hit made me think of Padres super fan,  I follow Josh on Twitter and he collects autographs, a ton of them in person, like nobody I have ever seen before.  Along with being a huge Padres fan, he is a true super autograph collector.  Keep up the great collecting, Josh.  I hope to run in to you at Petco Park sometime!

I talked with Sean at Steel City Collectibles today to set up the June Steel City Saturday full box cracking.  We are going to try to pull it off for you all on Saturday June 14th.  Make sure to circle that date on your calendar, it’s going to be an exciting break! Wax Cracker now has a YouTube channel where I will be posting all of the Steel City Saturday videos.

I’ll be working on some longer pieces for this weekend, and I hope to be ready to introduce Wax Cracker’s newest writer to everyone as well.

Crack some wax this weekend!