I swear I am not a cat person. If you believe my first line please continue reading.  However, over the last four years my housemates, Calvin and Clementine, have grown on me.  I never had pets growing up, so it was quite a transition getting used to having furry creatures run around the house when I first got to know them.  Calvin and Clementine are siblings that were rescued from the mean streets of Baltimore when a friend of Jen’s took in their soon to be mother.  I claim, whether it is true or not, that Calvin was named after the great Cal Ripken, Jr.  I mean come on, he is an orange cat from Baltimore that loves baseball.  There are pictures out there to prove that this cat watches baseball games, something he has done since he was a kitten, in the days before I got to know him.

Since I have gotten back into collecting sports cards, Calvin has been my shadow any time I get around my card collection.  He has claimed a large box of cards I have stored away as his bed, resting place, and shower…a place where he spends 23.5 hours of his day while the rest of us are out earning a living.  Just about every day now for the last 151 days I have gone through the same routine with Calvin.  I get home from work, take a breather, and then get right into working on my writing for Wax Cracker.  I have a corner of the apartment claimed for my boxed up card collection.  As I approach my stack of card boxes, Calvin will run up behind me and jump on the cards from collection that he has claimed as his.  He eagerly watches as I sort through what pack I am going to write about that day.  I used to think it was the sound of the wrappers that drew his attention, but now even when I work on sorting cards that have long been busted from their wrapper he is there to watch.

On days when I am home alone, he almost acts as if he is my editor telling me to hurry up, “We have deadlines people!”  As you can see in the picture below he was stationed at my laptop today before I ever had the chance to write my piece on Pack 151, something in which he derailed today because I decided I finally had to write this post on him.

2014-06-01 12.22.35
“I needed your write up on Pack 151 yesterday!”
2014-06-01 12.27.39
“On second thought, let’s call it a day and head to the beach. These cards will be here when we get back.”

I’ve gotten up to go to work and found shards of baseball card wrappers strewn through the living room. Clementine has a penchant for eating plastic, so naturally at first I thought it was her breaking into my well boxed up collection.  However, after finding out that Calvin loves sports cards and baseball, I’m starting to think he is doing some late night card cracking.  I hope he is not taking all the good hits and selling them on eBay without me knowing.

2014-06-01 12.59.32
Calvin atop his perch, aka some of my stored cards.

Incase there are questions about whether Calvin has any other hobbies of mine that he enjoys, there are a few.  Calvin is know to enjoy the smell of a good brew and he is a chess master in training.  The pictures below support my claims:

Calvin Beer
Calvin returning home from a beer run after grabbing a 6-pack in preparation for the big game.
Calvin Chess
Calvin knows to not let his paw off the piece until he is sure he wants to make the move.
Calvin Chess 2
Calvin makes aggressive chess moves early in the game.

Now that you have gotten a behind the scenes look at Wax Cracker, I should probably get back to cracking sports cards before you all change your opinions of my site.  I set out to have fun when I started the Wax Cracker project.  I didn’t think the writing assistance from a mere cat would help make writing that much more enjoyable, but it has.  Calvin has been my main sports card partner in crime, but I wanted to include a picture of him with Clementine as well.

Calvin & Clementine Baltimore 2012
Clementine and Calvin

Now it’s time to get back to the cards.  Time to crack today’s wax!