The Sportsman is back together again.  You might think that my first sentence sounds wrong, but it sounds perfect to me.  I am ecstatic to welcome my former cohost of The Sportsman sports talk radio show, Brian Spinazzola, as the newest writer on  I meet Spin, as I referred to him on our show, in a 100 level Sociology class at Juniata College in 2006.  At the time I was looking for the perfect cohost to help me take my sports radio show to air.  I had already done a few shows on my own if I remember correctly and it felt a little off trying to do a sports show on my own.  I felt as if I was talking to myself, which I was, and it is still in question as to whether anyone was out there listening…well other than the captive audience I had on the other side of town…that audience being the prisoners in the state and federal penitentiary…the ones that would send hand drawn fan mail pictures of the characters from the children’s show Dragon Tails to any female guest I had on my show.

The Sportsman radio show was in need of someone I could bounce my sports ramblings off of and elicit well thought out responses.  The perfect fit came in the form of a freshman that showed up wearing purple Ravens camo pants to class one day.  I couldn’t wait for class to be over that day to ask the guy with the catchy Italian last name if he would be interested in co-hosting my show. I mean come on, anyone that has the cajones to wear purple camo pants in front of female college coeds sounded like the kind of guy I was looking for.  The kind of unapologetic guy that didn’t give a damn if his opinions offended you or made you stop and think…the kind of guy that would be unafraid to raz Steelers fans on air in the middle of Steelerville…so on and so forth.  Spin was the perfect fit to be my co-host and I am glad that he gave my offer a second thought.  His first question after I approached him was, “Who are you?” For this story’s sake let’s say I responded, “Duh, I’m the Sportsman!”  We then went on to discuss our love of the Ravens, and from there on out the power sports talk radio show team on WKVR was born…insert Anchorman theme song music here.

To this day the songs Rock and Rap Superstar get me psyched and take me down memory lane.  Spin and I always transitioned into our show as the studio was getting turned over to us with Rap Superstar.  The song was just long enough to let us get settled into the studio, plus it was a great song to get the adrenaline going for the show.  We had the studio to ourselves to talk about almost anything we wanted for two hours, sometimes even longer when the hosts that showed up after us would go MIA.  Our show consisted not only of sports talk.  We hosted live bands on occasion, played Shaquille O’Neal PSAs, bad jokes, the random female(s) that we invited in after they mistakenly passed by our studio window, and there was a hell of a lot of Steelers hating.

Spin starring down a batter while pitching at Stevenson University.

One of the most memorable shows I had with Spin was the night I let some of Spins cusses slip through live along with some expletives in a few songs we played…we were supposed to get fined but never did.  WKVR, when working, live streamed online, opening our audience up to not only Huntingdon, PA but the world.  Shortly after the cusses went through live I got an in studio call…a random call, like we had been begging for. Someone out there please let us know we have one listener!  I took the call live on air.  Said caller was contacting us from Alabama.  The caller went on to tell us that he wasn’t happy with the language on the show, especially since his ten year old was a loyal listener. Wait, what? First of all we have a listener! Second, in Alabama? A Ten Year old?  I apologized to the listener and kept referring to them as him.  The caller finally had enough and informed me that he/she/it was a woman, even though her voice rivaled that of James Earl Jones.  Spin could not keep his composure.  The way I recall it was he was rolling on the floor in laughter after I had just totally botched out first call in, along with alienating our only conformed listener.  Good times!

I could go on all night about the craziness that was The Sportsman Talk show, and yes we were The Sportsman Show, not the Sportsmen.  I was the Sportsman, and Spin was the Sportsman, and all was well.  As you can tell, I am excited to have Spin onboard. Spin will not parse words and he may offend you.  All I ask is you read his posts and think them over before responding.  In a country/world where people are offended by others opinions so easily, please think before you respond, and there in the great conversations on Wax Cracker will come to be.

Without further ado, I welcome Brian Spinazzola to the Wax Cracker Project!  Spin’s first article will be the headliner tomorrow morning.  Make sure to stop back to check out his first post on Johnny Manziel. Oh, and Spin will be writing about whatever he wants and that has me on the edge of my seat.  And there is no better way to make this official than the video below: