I apologize for missing my post yesterday.  The picture below explains the best excuse I could come up with:

2014-06-06 17.57.11
I had the pleasure of getting an invite to my coworkers private tiki bar lounge last night. David’s tiki bar is the closest I have gotten to Hawaii, and last night his chilled concoctions hit the spot! A big thank you goes out to David and his wife Jimmie for having me over last night and for the late night tour of Temecula! (Pictured: My first My Tie with a color changing ice cube that made it seem like I was drinking lava.)

Now that I am back in the writer’s seat again, I wanted to share with you all a primer for next weekend’s Steel City Saturday full box cracking of 2012 Panini USA Baseball National Team Hobby Box Set, currently $65.95 at Steel City Collectibles. Today I will be showing the hits from a Panini Hot Box (10 auto hits instead of 7 per box) of 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition.  I will be highlighting the 10 auto hits, serial numbered cards, and top base set hits.  I hope you all enjoy the hits from Packs 156 & 157:

2014-06-07 10.40.13
The pack breakdown after I realized I had just hit for a Panini Hot Box of 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition. One of the best feelings I have had as a collector.
2014-06-07 11.15.51
The 10 auto hits in the Panini Hot Box of Donruss EEE, instead of the standard 7 auto hits for a Hobby Box. I really hope Panini will let me still turn in the redemption card even though it is expired. Cross your fingers, everyone! I was ecstatic to crack the Jonathan Singleton & Jameson Taillon autos.
2014-06-07 11.16.40
The serial #’d cards.
2014-06-07 11.19.36
Some of the better base and insert hits.
2014-06-07 11.21.17
The rest of the field base cards hits with some prospects I need to research a little further. Part of the fun of crack Elite Extra Edition is looking up the prospect hits to research for my Sportsman Challenge Dynasty Keeper League Prospect Draft.

This box was one of the most exciting Hobby Boxes I have ever cracked.  Auto hit after auto hit after auto hit…grab some of the Panini Extra Edition line products guys!  If you love auto and serial numbered hits, this should be your go to product.

Have you also cracked a Panini Hot Box with extra hits? If so, let me know what some of your hits were.  You can email me your hits at waxcracker1@gmail.com or tweet me at @Sportsman_kc on Twitter.

Keep on cracking, everyone!  Have a great weekend!