It’s a great feeling knowing that you have a fresh shipment of cards waiting at home for you.  It’s even better if that shipment of cards awaits you after a long and tough day at your big boy job.  My June product shipment and a few add-ons came from Steel City Collectibles today.  Inside were the great Panini products below:

2014-06-09 19.14.23
June shipment: Invasion of the Panini products, USA Baseball & Prizm Draft Picks.
2014-06-09 19.15.27
2012 USA Baseball Set with 7 autograph or autograph/memorabilia hits per box. This product will be the featured cracking for the June Steel City Saturday.

I ended up missing yesterday’s post because I was out exploring San Diego and had the pleasant experience of meeting some new people.  I may have some great stories coming up from some of the contacts I made yesterday.  Stay tuned on this front, I may have some exciting historical memorabilia to share with you all soon.  My apologies for missing my post yesterday, but I aim to make it up to you all this evening.

Tonight I decided to crack two packs of the 2013 Panini Prizm Draft Pick packs.  Below is the beautiful product presented with tonight’s hits highlighted:

2014-06-09 19.17.43
Kris Bryant: If you don’t know the name already you best axe someone 🙂
2014-06-09 19.39.18
Pack 158: A huge hit for me right off the bat, an autographed Austin Meadows, a top prospect of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
2014-06-09 19.40.04
This Meadows will look great next to my recent Kris Bryant hit.
2014-06-09 19.40.54
Pack 159: What are the chances of following up a Meadows auto with a Red Meadows Parallel?
2014-06-09 19.41.19
A damn fine looking Meadows insert.
2014-06-09 19.45.03
Anyone interested in trying a box break for the first time? Check out Steel City Collectibles Box Breaks.

It was a night of great hits tonight.  I am psyched to share the rest of the shipment with you all over the next few weeks, while mixing in some of my other random packs.  Stop by tomorrow night when I will be cracking some Panini USA Baseball!