Patrick Fortin here!

Summer is almost here in Montreal (actually, if you’ve twitter-traded with me, you know I’m from Terrebonne, happy suburb on the north shore of the Island…  but I disgress).

A few days ago, Topps just released what is one of its annual “hit or miss” product that is tailor made for gamblers and hit seekers… I’m talkin’ about the love-it-or-hate-it Tier One hobby box.  The product is usually a nice counter-balance to the Bowman release season as it is a great product to hit veterans.  Last year, the product seemed flooded with the usual Rizzos and Seguras (you haven’t opened a Topps product if you haven’t hit these two “why yes Topps… let me sign this card” players). This year’s checklist is, as always, letting us dream of hitting a big Hall of Fame signature or even a Bat Knob Card – some of these knobs even come autographed this year!

As some of you probably know, I will try to open a box of every Topps product this year (and will try to limit myself to only one of each…!)  My Tier One box came in the mail today.

Well, the first thing you have to notice when peeping at a Tier One box is that it’s supposed to deliver only three cards: two autographed pieces o’cardboard and a relic one.  Some boxes will let you have four cards, but the fourth one is supposed to be another relic.

photo (34)

Three cards does not make a long break!  On top of this simple fact, it has been too long since I have submitted something to my best friend from ‘Diego: Casey The Crazy But Friendly Waxcracker!

In one of my patented stroke of not-so-genius, I thought of a way to slow-reveal my three (or four?) Tier One hits with all y’all.  A way to waste a little bit of your time for a few days… and maybe… just maybe… let you participate in a wacky contest!  No… I am not going to give away one of my paid-with-hard-earned-Canadian-money hit (but I could change my mind if I ever hit a Rizzo or a Segura… again…). But for those who will take the time to retweet a few of my “promos” or participate in this crazy Tier One adventure, I will make sure to have you participate in a little somethin’-something (could be as small as a break spot at one of my favorite haunt, I have not yet decided!).

So without further ado… let me welcome you to the inaugural Topps Tier One Checklist Battle Royale!


What'cha gonna do when the Hulkster break a box of Topps Tier One and reveal a Segura auto!
What’cha gonna do when the Hulkster breaks a box of Topps Tier One… to reveal a Segura auto!

As I write these lines, the box is still sitting on my pool table, unopened… screaming at me!  Do not worry for me… it will be opened tonight!  Once it is opened, the three hits will be entered along with 57 other “false hits” cards that I have snatched from the trusty site (what a great site by the way…!).  I will then list the 60 cards (57 false-hits and my 3 real hits… or 56 false-hits and my 4 real hits if I end up with the proverbial “hot box!”

Once everything is listed here, I will then proceed on a daily basis to eliminate one, two or even, god forbid, three cards from the 60-cards Battle Royale!  This will allow me to break the Guinness World Record for slowest 3-cards box reveal ever (Disclaimer: my imaginary lawyer is asking me to mention that it is not going to be a real Guinness World Record!!)  Each elimination will, hopefully, be linked to some real-time MLB daily action or, for legends, to some historical Wikipedia-ripped-factoid!

So it is time to reveal (to me only… it is good to be me…) the three or four real hits…  I will come back in an hour to post the complete 60-Cards checklist!!

Godspeed to me and seeya in a few!

Patrick (@PFO76 on zee Twitters!)