Patrick Fortin taking control of again for the play by play of today’s TT1CBR action!

If you follow me on Twitter @PFO76 you know that I am kind of obsessed with what I call PFO 1 of 1s. These are card showing a limited numbering of 76 (as in 076/100 for exemple). Well today, on Twitter, the unthinkable happened! As the battle was raging on between all 54 remaining cards, a PFO 1 of 1 was eliminated by an unknown assailant! As in yesterday’s elimination of Billy “Country Breakfast” Butler, a mysterious speedster was able to eliminate the Enny Romero New Guard Autograph without being seen by anyone!

Bye Bye Enny, we hardly knew ye (seriously, we didn’t!)

Again, the most likely suspect is the Billy Hamilton Autographed Dual Patch Relic, but who can tell for sure!


“Bo knows!” The voice belongs to multi-sports legend Bo Jackson.  But as he was about to reveal who was responsible, the Tim Lincecum Bat Knob card knocked the beloved legend over the third rope!


I “I guess you all forgot about me” said the hippie Bat Knob Pitcher card from the Giants.


“I can’t stand powder blue uniforms” said the Lincecum card after eliminating the Bo Jackson Autograph card!

… to be continued…


Day 3 Elimination Recap

1- Enny Romero, eliminated by a mysterious opponent who could turn up to be Powder Blue Uniform hating Tim Lincecum Bat Knob or the Billy Hamilton Autograph Dual Relic card.

2- Bo Jackson eliminated by the Tim Lincecum Bat Knob card.


Come back tomorrow as three new cards will be thrown over the third rope!