Patrick back with an update on the ongoing Tier One Checklist Battle Royale!

As we left the action earlier this week, the Expos-Phillies Rivalry was still going on strong as the Randy Johnson / Pedro Martinez Dual Autograph card was fighting strong against the raging Cliff Lee All Star Relic!

Also, a mysterious quickster was believed to be responsible for sneaky attacks on unsuspecting cards.  All finger were pointed at the Billy Hamilton Autographed Dual Patch Relic.

On Sunday, via Twitter, news came in the afternoon that the Didi Gregorius New Guard Silver Ink Redemption had been eliminated.


Bye Bye Silver Didi!


Well it turns out that the Battle Royale has a new subplot as the many young “New Guard” cards have started fighting amongst themselves, believing that if one could make it to the end, it was probably impossible for two of these to survive until the final bell!

From what was reported, the regular “blue-ink” Julio Teheran New Guard Autograph was responsible for Didi’s elimination.  However, as the Teheran card was celebrating the elimination, a sneaky Christian Yelich New Guard Autograph came from behind and grappled hard to balance the Teheran card over the top rope and onto the ground.



We will have to keep an eye on these young cards as they are drawing blood at an incredible rate (lookup the checklist at the end of this post to see which of these card is still in the fight!)

And, as was the case for a few earlier eliminations… as the eyes were turned to the New Guard Autograph card, the mysterious quickster striked again and eliminated another former great of the game…



Well as you know if you’ve read the introductionary post of this Battle Royale, this is not only a simple series of post showcasing Tier One cards posted on eBay (although this is exactly where the eliminated cards are coming from…) but also a way to showcase the three (or four) cards I found in my own box of Tier One (these will be the Battle Royale winners!).

The previous Topps box opened around the Pool Table in the Fortin household’s mancave was a box of 2014 Topps Archives and one of the hit was good ol’ Carlos Baerga… so it would have been a weird surprise for me to hit this cool player in two consecutive boxes.

photo (35)
rewinding to one of the cool hits from my 2014 Archives box


Seing the eliminated Baerga hit the floor reminded all veterans and legends that no one was safe!  As everyone turned to the winded Billy Hamilton card (prime suspect in this series of quick eliminations) The Dennis Eckersley / Dave Stewart Dual Autograph Relic Book card pointed to the young speedster and called for everyone to team up against the young base steeler, reminding all that eliminating this card would be best for everyone!  The Mark McGwire Autograph card was not going to wait and had already taken care of business… offering everyone the elimination they were asking for…


Prime Suspect Billy Hamilton, eliminated by Big Mark McGwire!

As soon as he hit the floor, eliminated, the Billy Hamilton Autographed Relic Dual Patch card started to argue for REDEMPTION (get it…?).  Pointing to the other side of the ring as another legend had been eliminated during the commotion by the real guilty mysterious speedster who had just thrown Starter and Closer legend John Smoltz Acclaimed Autograph over the top rope and to the ground.



Redemption was complete for the poor Billy Hamilton card, as only one other card was standing on this side of the ring… an aggressive bat still swinging in the air fresh from the big hit delivered at the Smoltz card… At that point, it was clear that the real mysterious quickster was none other than…


rickey h


… The Rickey Henderson Dual Patch Relic card!

Feeling betrayed by a former teamate, it took The Dennis Eckersley / Dave Stewart Dual Autograph Relic Book and the Mark McGwire Autograph card only a few seconds to avenge the poor accused Hamilton card…. and the last elimination of the eventful day was the Rickey Henderson card.  Some will even mention seeing the Yoenis Cespedes Triple Swatch Relic landing a hand as a new faction of A’s player was formed in the ring.

It then took another 3 seconds for all rivalries to be renewed.  The Cliff Lee All Star Relic grappled the Johnson / Martinez card and all the chaotic melee involving the New Guard Autographs raged on again.

Even the lowly non autographed relic card started fighting amongst themselves…taking a cue from the New Guard logic and realizing that only one of them, if any, was bound to survive!

Come back tomorrow night as three other cards will be eliminated from the remaining 46 fighters… and you never know what can happen during the day on Twitter @PFO76


Elimination recap:

Didi Gregorius Silver Ink New Guard Autograph eliminated by fellow New Guard Auto: Braves pitcher Julio Teheran

Julio Teheran New Guard Autograph eliminated by the Christian Yelich New Guard Autograph

Carlos Baerga Acclaimed Autograph eliminated by the mysterious speedster believed to be the Billy Hamilton Autographed Dual Patch Relic.

The Billy Hamilton Autographed Dual Patch Relic Redemption card eliminated on the orders of the Dennis Eckersley / Dave Stewart Dual Autograph Relic Book by the Mark McGwire Autograph card.

John Smoltz Acclaimed Autograph eliminated by the real mysterious speedster: The Rickey Henderson Dual Patch Relic card!

The Rickey Henderson Dual Patch Relic card eliminated by betrayed teammates: the Dennis Eckersley / Dave Stewart Dual Autograph Relic Book and the Mark McGwire Autograph card (with assist by the Yoenis Cespedes Triple Swatch Relic card).


The Remaining Fighters (eliminated cards appear scratched from the list)

1 Anthony Rizzo New Guard Autograph
2 Billy Butler Acclaimed Autograph
3 Billy Hamilton Autograph Dual Patch Relic
4 Bo Jackson Autograph
5 Buster Posey Autograph Relic
6 C.J. Wilson Acclaimed Autograph
7 Carlos Baerga Acclaimed Autograph
8 Christian Yelich New Guard Autograph
9 Cliff Lee All Star Relic
10 David Ortiz Acclaimed Autograph
11 David Wright Bat Knob
12 Dennis Eckersley / Dave Stewart Dual Autograph Relic Book
13 Didi Gregorius New Guard Silver Ink Autograph
14 Dylan Bundy / Manny Machado / Adam Jones Triple Autographs
15 Edwin Encarnacion Relic
16 Enny Romero New Guard Autograph
17 Eric Davis Red Ink Autograph
18 Freddie Freeman Autographed Prodigious Patch Relic
19 Gary Sheffield Relics Legend
20 Graig Nettles Acclaimed Autograph
21 Hanley Ramirez Bat Knob
22 Jason Heyward Acclaimed Autograph
23 Jay Bruce Autographed Bat Knob
24 Jeff Bagwell Acclaimed Autograph
25 Jim Rice Acclaimed Autograph
26 Joey Votto Relic
27 John Smoltz Acclaimed Autograph
28 Jorge Posada Autographed Bat Knob
29 Jose Abreu New Guard Autograph
30 Jose Bautista Autograph Relic
31 Julio Teheran New Guard Autograph
32 Lee Smith Acclaimed Autograph
33 Livan Hernandez Acclaimed Autograph
34 Madison Bumgarner New Guard Autograph
35 Mariano Rivera / Jorge Posada  Dual Autographs
36 Mark McGwire Autograph
37 Matt Davidson New Guard Autograph
38 Matt Williams Red Ink Autograph
39 Max Scherzer Prodigious Patches
40 Miguel Cabrera Acclaimed Autograph
41 Mike Greenwell Acclaimed Autograph
42 Mike Olt New Guard Red Ink Autograph
43 Mike Schmidt Autograph
44 Nomar Garciaparra Relics Legend
45 Ozzie Smith Autograph
46 Peter Bourjos New Guard Autograph
47 Prince Fielder Relic
48 Rafael Palmeiro Acclaimed Autograph
49 Randy Johnson / Pedro Martinez Dual Autographs
50 Rickey Henderson Autograph Dual Patch Relic
51 Robinson Cano All Star Relic
52 Steve Carlton Prodigious Patches
53 Tim Lincecum Bat Knob
54 Tim Raines Acclaimed Autograph
55 Troy Tulowitzki Relic
56 Wade Boggs Autograph Relic
57 Wil Myers New Guard Autograph
58 Wilin Rosario New Guard Red Ink Autograph
59 Willie Mays Autograph
60 Yoenis Cespedes Triple Swatch Relic