After a long few weeks and many a thoughts running through my head about how much I have missed posting on Wax Cracker every day, I am excited to announce that I will be back in the writer’s chair this weekend!  Thanks for hanging with my site and continuing to read my old articles.  Surprisingly, site readership did not fall off at all while I was away, and I take that as a huge compliment.  Your loyalties will pay off as I will be announcing some great giveaways soon.

Wax Cracker will be returning with a bang as I recently got an all access pass to the Mets v. Padres series in San Diego.  A huge thank you goes out to Josh Edgin, RP New York Mets, for helping me set up what turned out to be the best sports weekend of my life!  Without giving too much away, I will be posting a video soon of my interview with Josh after the game on Saturday night at the Blarney Stone Pub on 5th & Island in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp District.  A huge thank you goes out to everyone at the Blarney Stone for helping me pull off a very successful interview.

So as you can see, when life threw me a curveball I ended up staying in the cage to hit a few thousand more over the last few weeks.  Time was not lost on Wax Cracker because I ended up with a ton of stories to share with you all over the coming weeks during my time away.  Come back starting this weekend when I will start to share the stories, thousands of pictures from Andy’s camera and fans from inside the ballpark, and numerous autographs that all came out of my all access pass to Petco Park over the weekend.

I’ll see you all soon!  Until then, I am going to head out soon to take in the sights of everything Comicon in San Diego.  I’ll have some pictures to share of the costumes I see soon.

Have a great day everyone!  It’s great to be back!