It feels great to settle into a new writing chair with a breeze blowing in off the ocean as I get back to writing and wax cracking.  I really have missed the daily routine of writing for Wax Cracker, and I definitely have missed the thrill of opening a pack of cards each day.  It has been a very busy few weeks for me.  I have settled into my new studio close to Mission Bay and the Pacific and I’m getting used to living in a new neighborhood in San Diego.  It still feels surreal that I am on my own 3,000 miles from home.  However, over the last month I have finally gone out and starting making friends here in San Diego.  In doing so, I have found my baseball bar home, the Blarney Stone Pub, and I have had the pleasure of meeting many new acquaintances that have helped me feel confident that everything will be fine and it’s San Diego where I now belong.

The last few weeks have provided me plenty of stories to write about and it’s almost hard to know where to begin.  Just as this site started out, I think it is only fitting to get back in the cracking game by sharing with you some hits from a special pack I received recently inside of Petco Park.  I had what felt like an all access pass to the Mets v. Padres series last weekend.  How that whole experience played out will be a story I tell for another day.  Today I want to focus on what turned out to be one of my favorite wax crackings so far.  While watching the game with my baseball buddies, Larry and Nicky, I was surprised to see Larry pull a Jumbo Pack of 2014 Topps out of his bag.  Larry cracked the top half and let me crack the bottom pack of cards.  It was in that moment that I realized how much I have missed cracking wax for the site, how much I love baseball, and how great it was to meet newfound friends to share the game of baseball with.

2014-07-19 18.58.30
Larry and Nicky
2014-07-19 19.00.25
Larry and I in Section 114. Here’s to many more years of baseball memories and an O’s v. A’s ALCS this year!

I can now say that I have cracked wax live in a MLB park during a game.  I want to thank Larry and Nicky for grabbing a pack of cards at the park and letting me partake in the cracking.  I’m excited to share with you all the hits from my half of the Jumbo Pack, and damn it feels good to be back sharing my cards with you all.  Below are my hits from the 2014 Topps Series 1 pack:

2014-07-19 18.55.22
Petco Park Wax Cracking!
2014-07-19 18.52.13
Larry’s half of the Jumbo Pack.
2014-07-26 14.07.52
My hits. I love hitting for Puigs.

What a great day it was for taking in a game, cracking wax, and seeing someone I am very proud of pitching for a MLB team.  This series was by far my favorite sports experience and many of the stories I will have going forward will be rooted in the happenings of last weekend.  I will do my best to carve everything up into their own subset of stories as I recall everything that happened.  For now, I am going to ease back into writing and find my groove again.  Sterling More, I may need to borrow your writing hat and some of the spirits that help you knock out a late night article!

To highlight some of the posts ahead, Andy Waplinger and I will be working on the edits soon for a huge interview I did with Josh Edgin from the New York Mets.  The Blarney Stone Pub was gracious enough to let us take over their bar last Saturday night when they let me host Josh for my Wax Cracker interview.  Along with sharing the final cut of the interview, I have hundreds of pictures to share with you all from the Mets v. Padres series, including amazing access that we were granted to the field on Sunday before the public was allowed into the park.  Andy got some great shots and I can’t wait to share them with you all.  I’ll also be sharing pictures from a fan that I met at the game.  He captured some great shots of the Mets and I can’t wait to feature his pictures.

Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-086
A preview of what is yet to come on Wax Cracker as I sit down for an exclusive video interview with New York Mets pitcher, Josh Edgin. Photo Courtesy of Andy Waplinger.

Overall, I want to thank everyone that was part of last weekend’s experience for me.  Many thanks go out to Peter, Ellie, Pat, Sara, Eddie, Donovan, the Jillians, Michelle, Anik, and everyone else at the Blarney Stone Pub for being the home base for everything I was working on for Wax Cracker.  I very much appreciate all the help and support you all have been as I work on building Wax Cracker out.  A huge thank you goes out to Josh Edgin for granting me the interview and hanging with me when we had to switch up the interview set up at the last second.  I can’t forget to mention the role Andy Waplinger played in helping me pull everything off last weekend.  Thanks for being there for me, Andy, and being a tremendous creative asset with all of your camera equipment and lights.  We used Strahlen LED Lights designed by Andy for the interview and they worked perfectly.  Thanks go out to Matt for granting us the use of his microphones and to Tommy for being there to talk baseball and life with at the end of a long day’s work.  Thanks go out to Larry and Nicky for letting me hang out with them at the game and for the pack of Topps!  And many thanks go out to everyone else that made last weekend my best ever sports experience.

I have plenty of writing to do over the next few weeks and I hope you all keep coming back as I share more of my wax cracking and sports stories.  Take care and have a great weekend and GO CRACK SOME WAX!