In my quest to play catch up and get my pack of the day synchronized with the day of the year, I have yet to bring everything in line.  In large part because I am running low on packs to crack outside of some of the late 80s wax packs I have to open yet.  I need to get with Sean from Steel City this weekend to set up my next order.  I’m hoping we can combine the July and August Steel City Saturdays and bring you all something special.  I’ve also told Sean I would be willing to throw in some extra cash on top of the regular Steel City monthly promotion to make it a very memorable cracking.  I’ll see what I can get worked out with Sean and I’ll let you know what we come up with.

Of recent I have been telling myself to listen to my gut feelings more and act upon hunches.  So far this week it has worked.  On Monday and for the last few months I have been seeing the number 11 everywhere I look. For those that know me outside of Wax Cracker, 11 is a very special number to me (story for a future Wax Cracker rain delay). So to start out the week right, I played a hunch after seeing 11 on Monday and bought $11 worth of CA Lottery cards.  I got a $10 Wheel of Fortune scratch off and had the gas station attendant throw in a $1 scratch off of his choice.  When I got home that evening I threw the lottery ticket aside and collapsed in to bed.  The landscaping industry, my day job, is at its peak season right now.  By the time I get home I am ready for food, a shower, and bed.  In turn, this summer routine has been cutting into my time with my baby, Wax Cracker.  In playing out my normal routine I ended up not playing the scratch off ticket Monday night.  The ticket ended up making it until Wednesday night when I found it on the counter in front of my TV.  The card has six house numbers and if you match any of them you get the corresponding prize.  House number 1, match!  House number 2, match! House number 3, scratch. House number 4, match! House number five, match! House number 6, match!  My new game of listening to hunches paid off in the tune of $100 Wednesday night on a $11 investment.

2014-08-06 18.22.59
Bazinga, $100!

So how does this all play into the signed baseball I hit for last night?  I decided to play another hunch and grab a baseball product on a whim after I was already in the check out line.  Shaving cream and and a power strip are a pretty boring purchase on a Friday night, so I decided to go after another autographed baseball. I’ve noticed once I find a product I really like, I keep going back to it.  Right now my favorite product line is 2014 Leaf Autographed Baseball.  I jumped out of the check out line last night after another box of Leaf caught my eye.  Once we made eye contact I knew I would be taking her home, or at least I was going to try.  Thank goodness I listened to my guy feeling for a second time this week!  Behold what I hit for below:

2014-08-09 09.21.07
The fancy of my collector’s eye at the moment, 2014 Leaf Autographed Baseball Edition.
2014-08-09 09.22.42
One of my biggest hits yet, a Darryl Strawberry rare gold signature on a black baseball, MLB authenticated!
2014-08-09 09.23.50
One of the coolest looking baseballs I’ve seen. Welcome to the Wax Cracker Collection!

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of hitting for an awesome card or product like this.  Truly a SUPER YEAH product for me.  This one will go nicely between my Miguel Cabrera authenticated game ball from Petco Park, and my Jason Heyward.  I am putting together a shadow box of all my signed balls from my time in California.  I have a Cubs signed team ball with an Ernie Banks auto, and I can’t wait to display my Josh Edgin and Mets signed balls as well!

For today, I’m going to ride out this collector’s high and keep playing some hunches.  I was invited to a day at the races at the Del Mar Racetrack today and I’m going to let it ride on some of the #11 horses today.  This will be a new experience for me and I hope to return with some good stories to share with you all.  On top of the races the night will round out with a free Counting Crows concert.  A fun day is ahead my friends, I hope you all have a great weekend!

…and before I go, my Orioles are playing my buddy Matt’s Cardinals today, in what I am hoping is a World Series matchup this year.  I was looking forward to meeting up with Matt to watch the game today but it isn’t going to work out.  Go Orioles, and I hope for Matt’s sake the Red Birds put up a little fight today:)

Keep on crackin’, everyone!

Don’t forget to visit Steel City Collectibles this weekend for all your collecting needs! Use the Wax Cracker code to save some money while you are there!