I have had the pleasure to get to know Mets superfan, Dinur Blum, over the last few Mets games I attended to see Josh pitch. Dinur captured some amazing shots for me during the Mets v. Padres game a few weeks ago. Last night he kept up the great work and captured even more stunning shots. Thanks for your support of Wax Cracker, Dinur, and your willingness to let me share your work! I look forward to featuring many more of your game action shots over the seasons to come.

I’ll soon be featuring some of Dinur’s shots from the Mets v. Padres game. Keep an eye out for them on Wax Cracker soon.

Make sure to follow Dinur on Twitter @rabbi_d.

Below is the link to Dinur’s shots from last night’s Mets v. Dodgers game: