I am extremely lucky to be able to share the photography of Dinur Blum, Andy Waplinger, and soon the terrific minor league shots of Chris T. Shannon.

Tonight I have gone through and selected some of Dinur and Andy’s best shots of New York Met, Josh Edgin.  Dinur has been amazing at capturing game action shots of Josh for me in both San Diego and Los Angeles. I very much look forward to continuing to feature Dinur’s sports photography on Wax Crackers.  Thanks, Dinur, for letting me showcase your photography!  Andy, I can’t begin to express how awesome it has been to have you along for the Wax Cracker Project journey so far. A huge amount of credit goes out to you for helping me pull off the media side of Wax Cracker.  You put the pictures to my stories, and you make my writing even more memorable by capturing the live actions behind what I am trying to capture. And to Chris, I can’t wait to start working your minor league shots into Wax Cracker!

This week I will be posting Dinur and Andy’s introductory biographies on Wax Cracker.  Stay tuned for more photos from these talented photographers!

Dinur’s Shots of Josh:

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Andy’s Shots of Josh:

Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-040 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-044 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-049 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-051 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-052 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-053 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-056 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-058 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-061 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-078 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-085 Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-086


You can follow Dinur on Twitter @rabbi_d , Andy @andywaplinger, and Chris @CTSPhoto6687! Give these guys a follow and help show your support for their extreme talents! And as always, you can follow me @Sportsman_kc