It has been an exciting few weeks for me at the Wax Cracker Project.  I haven’t put out as many pack crackings because I have been focused on building out the talent around me. I am happy to be able to share with other sports fans what Wax Cracker is evolving in to.  I want my site to be open to those looking to gain exposure for their sports writing and photography. Getting someone in the sports industry to notice your work is hard to do.  For those out there like me that have a true passion for sports and writing, the invitation is open to join the Wax Cracker team.  At this time all I have to offer is exposure and a home for your writing, and maybe a nice gift around Christmas, wink wink, but I would love to help anyone looking to share their work.

With that being said, I want to highlight the works of a very talented photographer I met while waiting on Josh Edgin to come out of the Mets locker room before the Sunday game at Petco Park recently in San Diego.  I started talking with a gentleman standing next to me that was taking pictures of the Mets stretching before the stadium was open for public access. It was seriously by sheer luck that I crossed paths with photographer Dinur Blum that day.  We hit it off immediately and began to share our passion for sports, especially baseball.  In the weeks since Dinur and I have met up at Josh’s game against the Dodgers, a game in which Dinur got some amazing shots for Wax Cracker, more of which I will be sharing soon.

For now, I would like to introduce Dinur to Wax Cracker and welcome him to the team.  Below you will find a short bio on Dinur:

Welcome to Wax Cracker, Dinur Blum!
Welcome to Wax Cracker, Dinur Blum!

Dinur Blum was born in Israel, grew up in San Jose, lived in New England for several years, and is now attending graduate school at University of California, Riverside. But more importantly, Blum is an avid sports fan, especially hockey, football, and baseball. He combines his personal and academic passions researching the sociology of sport.

Dinur studies fan evaluations of referees with respect to fairness, why better helmets in football and hockey contribute to dangerous sports, masculinity and hazing in locker rooms, and student athletes’ experiences with school. But in his spare time, he goes to as many sports games as he can, camera in tow.

Blum’s favorite teams are the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants in baseball, the San Francisco 49ers in football, and the San Jose Sharks in hockey. He collected sports cards as a kid, and the photography on the cards, especially the action shots, are part of what got him into sports photography as a hobby and passion.

Wax Cracker is proud to be able to share Dinur’s amazing sports action shots.  Welcome to the Wax Cracker Family, Dinur, we can’t wait to see more of your amazing shots!