What a thrill it was to crack Pack #4 from the 2014 Panini Certified Football Box as the 233rd Pack cracked on Wax Cracker!  I hit for one of the cards I was chasing in this box, a Johnny Manziel Autographed Rookie Card #’d 17/25.  I can’t say that I am a fan of Manziel, well honestly I don’t care for the guy, but it was nice to hit for a card everyone is chasing right now.

You too can chase down a Manziel like I did. Head on over to Steel City Collectibles to find this product and more with Manziel and other key rookies.  The 2014 Panini Certified Football box like I cracked can be found on Steel City’s site for $90/box.

Here is how I felt when I hit for the Manziel tonight:

Manziel celebrating me hitting for one of his autographed rookie cards.

As always though, I want to reveal the whole pack to you all.  So let’s get the base cards from the pack out of the way so we can get to the awesome insert.  Here are the four cards that accompanied the Manziel in the pack:

2014-09-18 17.10.34
It bothers me when players appear on cards from their previous team with their beam team’s name, like in the Steve Johnson card. Pet peeve I know, but it is one of mine. Murray and Bush have some serious guns.
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2014-09-18 17.12.09
The Johnny Manziel Next Generation Autograph Hit! #17/25, Card NG-JM. This is one of the cards I was hoping to hit for from this box.
2014-09-18 17.18.03
I feel like the list of  the last 20 Cleveland QBs should be printed on the card back:) 

Cleveland Browns

What a great week it has been so far.  My Orioles clinched the AL East the other night, the Yankees and Red Sox will both miss the Playoffs, and there is a chance the Orioles may come through Anaheim or Oakland during the Playoffs if everything works out in my favor. Baseball road trip coming up if that happens!

I hope you all enjoyed my wax cracking tonight.  It was a fun pack to crack and I am glad I get the chance to share the hit with you all.  Keep on cracking’ away, and I hope you all continue to come back and check out the Wax Cracker Project. Have a great night, everyone!