Today marks the 10th and final pack from the 2014 Panini Certified Football box from Steel City Collectibles.  It’s hard to believe I have cracked through the whole box already!  Let’s recap the key points of the Certified Football Box:

  1. 2014 Panini Certified Football is available at for $90/box. Don’t forget to use the WAXCRACKER5OFF coupon code at checkout to receive $5 off this purchase.
  2. This product is full of sweet hits.  Here are the key insert hits from this box so far:
2014-09-18 17.12.09
Manziel 17/25 autographed rookie card
2014-09-20 11.21.38
Donte Moncrief 102/149 autographed rookie card
2014-09-20 11.23.55
AJ McCarron 407/599 jersey relic rookie card

And today I will crack open the 4th insert card from this box.  Let’s go ahead and crack open the 10th and final pack from this box.  Here are tonight’s hits:

2014-09-23 17.45.09
I loved this pack’s base cards and Staubach Immortals Insert #’d 507/999.
2014-09-23 17.45.41
The last insert of the box was a Cody Latimer rookie card relic #’d 369/599.


That wraps up the 2014 Certified Football Box from Steel City Collectibles. As always, many thanks go out to Sean at Steel City for supplying this box for the cracking over the last week and a half!

As I did yesterday, I am hiding a little Easter egg at the end of this post.  Starting on Thursday I will be cracking 20 straight days of Press Pass Gameday Gallery Blaster Boxes.  Each box is guaranteed to hit for an autographed card.  Stay tuned as I ramp up the autograph hits for a guaranteed 20 straight days here on Wax Cracker! Hurry over to Steel City Collectibles…Sean just dropped the price of a Blaster Box to $10.90! Use the code WCLCP at checkout to help Sean know Wax Cracker sent ya!

Hide Yo
Y’all need to hide ya kids, hide ya wife, and hide ya husband, Wax Cracker be cracking’ 20 straight packs with a guaranteed autograph over 20 straight days up in here!