Please bare with me everyone as I have been riding the Orioles Playoff wave, thus leaving me AWOL from two cracklings this week.  Wow, talk about some great baseball in Games 1 and 2.  I am an Orioles fan, but I feel for Tigers fans and their bullpen blowing games for them…I went through that for years as an O’s fan, actually about 18 straight years.  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s game and really hope that the O’s can clinch their American League Division Series against the Tigers.

Also, while I am on the Tigers v. Orioles Series, I am having a hard time seeing Miguel Cabrera drive a Chrysler. Cabrera is appearing in a current ad for the car company, and come on, we all know Tom Brady doesn’t drive a Dodge Dart, just as much as Cabrera doesn’t drive a Chrysler.  There’s proof Brady doesn’t drive a Dodge…he wrecked his Audi in Boston a few years ago.  So I shouldn’t waste any of my time thinking through Brady or Cabrera driving or not driving Chrysler products, however I often find myself thinking through time wasteful things like this.  I guess I should just watch said comercials and move on, just like Brady and Cabrera took the money and ran, as well they should.  This just comes down to me thinking one should believe in the products they endorse, and I bet that is rarely ever the case.

One more order of business before I share a double wax cracking with you all.  I will be posting Sterling More’s next post for Wax Cracker shortly after uploading this post.  Please stick around to enjoy some more of More’s musings on baseball.  It’s great to have you back writing for me, Mr. More!

Ok, let’s crack some wax!  Here comes two more guaranteed autographs from 2014 Press Pass Gameday Gallery Blaster Boxes:

2014-10-04 11.01.01
Packs 269 and 270: Autograph hits from L’Damian Washington and Ka’Shede Hageman. A double apostrophe hit on the same day, haha.