October baseball literally gives me goose bumps; very few things do, but the magic that happens when every pitch counts, is exhilarating. My wife even loves playoff baseball, because she gets the significance of a hanging curveball, the impact of 2-out hits, and the stress of a full count. As a lifelong Pirates fan, it is of course, an amazing time to see this team reach their potential; I am equally happy for the Royals – another long suffering team in a tough division, that is making it happen on a small (by contrast) budget.

I am a fan of most sports, and very involved in following my teams, pro and college. Baseball has always had a special place in my heart, from the time my great uncle and my pap took me to get my first glove, to trying to catch fly balls in the sun in my back yard at age 6, to watching the Pirates win it all a year later in 1979, to watching a limping Sid Bream round 3rd in the early 90’s, ending a heartbreaking series, and the nostalgia of every long season since. As we enter this year’s playoff season, I am filled with the same butterflies in my stomach I had all those years ago. I even have my little 2 ½ year old wearing her Pirates hat and imitating me when I gasp at a bases loaded, no out, inning end without a run – “Oh come on”, she says, disgusted, and throws a crayon. She also dances with me when one of our heroes goes yard, and we jump up and down with exhilaration. That is the essence of being a fan, when in early fall, with all our windows open, as does our neighbors, and we all collectively yell at a big play, knowing how difficult it is to get to October and have it mean something. I’m not big on life drama, but I will bask in some playoff baseball drama that sends our team forward, hoping and fighting for every pitch. Magic happens here…& I love the commercials that express that…goose bumps!

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