There have been many changes in my life since I launched on January 1, 2014.  For the first 200+ days I didn’t miss a post.  I was able to stay on track and produce at least one post a day.  It has been tough to keep up with that pace in the second half of 2014.  Throughout this one year writing journey for me I have come to realize how much of an anchor Wax Cracker has become to me.  When a relationship came to an end and I went out on my own to find a new place in a city far from home that I was still trying to get used to calling home, Wax Cracker was there for me. When work got super busy and I would come home with my brain feeling like mush from how fast paced my job is, Wax Cracker was my escape.  When I realized that I had yet to get out and try to make friends after being in San Diego for almost two years, Wax Cracker was a talking point for me when I met fellow sports fans while out watching sports games downtown.  When I’m missing family and friends back on the east coast, Wax Cracker has been my outlet to write and share my experiences in SoCal with everyone back home.  I didn’t know it when I launched this site, but Wax Cracker has been the one thing that has helped me get through this year.

I never could have guessed that I would now be living 3,000 miles from the places I call home, especially being out on my own in a city and state that almost feel like they are in another country.  California is unlike any other place I have ever experienced.  Now that I have acclimated to the culture and started to put my roots down, San Diego finally feels like home.  Over the last few months that I have been out on my own, I have met an amazing collective of newfound friends.  I have been lucky enough to meet a group of fellow baseball lovers in my buddies Matt (Cardinals), Tommy (Yankees), Larry (Athletics) and Nicky (Red Sox), and Oscar (yet another damn Yankees fan).  It has been an absolute pleasure to catch games with them and pick on each other about our favorite teams.  My 5 o’clock Friday friends that I met through my former client, Lauren, have become my San Diego family by adoption. From Lauren and Pat, to Timmy and Patty, to Dana, Mackel, Kym, Pete, Irwin and Tracy, and Pat’s grandparents, they have all taken me in and been there for me when I have gotten homesick. And I would be remiss to forget my coworkers that are there to get me through our 6:00 AM start times and 10-12 hour days, while helping make the work days fly by.  It’s through all these lovely people that I been given constant encouragement and inspiration to continue to build Wax Cracker. In the pictures below I will introduce you to many others that have been there for me and what I am trying to accomplish through the Wax Cracker Project.

The people behind the success of Wax Cracker:

2014-07-19 19.00.25
Larry & I at the Mets v. Padres game to see Josh Edgin pitch.
2014-07-19 18.58.30
Larry & his awesome baseball buddy in crime, Nicky.
2014-10-17 16.24.52
A few of my coworkers and I celebrating Chris’ (left) winning bet on the Royals against my bet on the Orioles in the ALCS.
2014-08-23 17.23.46
The San Diego 7 that took a baseball road trip to Dodgers Stadium to see Josh Edgin pitch against the Dodgers.
2014-07-24 20.03.06
My baseball buddy, Matt, and one of the best pediatric care counselors in all of San Diego, Jessica (right).
2014-07-25 19.51.28
Tommy and I after yet another night of talking Yankees v. Orioles and trying to top each other’s stories.
2014-07-31 17.40.42
Tommy and I hanging out with some random big shots from Subway Corporate who were in town for a conference.
My favorite comedian, Jessica Muchow, and her lovely mom after one of Jess’ sets.
The baseball crew after calling it a wrap on an interview I did with Josh Edgin, New York Mets. A huge thank you goes out to Andy Waplinger (next to me) for his continued hard work on the media side of Wax Cracker. Without Andy, Wax Cracker would have no video content. A special thank you to Pat (second from left) for being there for our weekly dinners and his steady and constant advice.
2014-07-26 23.59.47
My Long Beach sweetheart, Mariafrancesca, and the best dance instructor in all of San Diego, Danyelle.
The Gang at The Field
Reunited again and it felt so good…Danyelle and hubby Kyle and I with our Long Beach buddies Alan, Mariafrancesca, and Nezzer (the one that looks like a mix between Mario and Wario haha).
Padres vs Mets 7-20-14-086
Josh Edgin and I before his game against the Padres.
Welcome to Wax Cracker, Dinur Blum!
Dinur Blum, Wax Cracker contributing photographer.
Welcome to Wax Cracker, Chris Shannon!
Chris Shannon, Wax Cracker contributing photographer.
Andy Waplinger, Wax Cracker contributing photographer, media guru, and Strahlen Lights owner and baron.
Everyone at Steel City, including Sean and Russ, thank you for supporting Wax Cracker!
And then there’s me, elbows deep in baseball history.

Over the last few months it has been tough for me to put the hours I need and want into Wax Cracker.  There have been times while I have been working myself through the newfound changes in my life that I couldn’t pull myself together to write. Sometimes the hours I put in at work leave me wanting a shower, food, and bed when I get home from work.  Other days I will have what I think is a great idea for a post, but I just can’t get the time at a keyboard to pound the story out.  Whether the aforementioned reasons were thought of when I launched or not, I have come to realize that Wax Cracker needs to be a fluid project that at this time wraps itself around everything else I have going on.  However, in the end it is the anchor that drives me and I keep finding myself fighting to get time back in my writer’s chair and produce content for the site.  Wax Cracker has been the rock that has helped me get through the challenges I have faced this year.

Through Wax Cracker and everything else I know I have become a better and stronger person this year. Through adversity and the crap that we all have to go through in life we find ourself. I am on that path right now. I have taken the last few months to focus on who I am and what kind of person I want to be.  In taking the time out for me and trying to be less selfless, I have come closer to being the man I want to be and put out there to share with someone else. I have no idea where the rest of the Wax Cracker journey will lead, but I know I will be holding on for the ride.

I know this post wasn’t a wax cracking like you all have come to expect from me, but for my own sake I had to write this piece.  Wax Cracker is my baby and I will do everything in my power to continue to build this site out for the enjoyment of my readers.  I hope you all continue to come back and read my writing as Wax Cracker continues to grow.  Thank you for continuing to visit my site, and I look forward to interacting with you all as you visit Wax Cracker!

Have a great weekend, everyone, and keep on cracking!