Wax Cracker, at least as far as my writing, has been dim since Thanksgiving. As with all of our lives, many things have changed in mine.  I won’t go into detail about all of the happenings in my world, but I would be remiss in not mentioning a few of the changes.  A perfect storm of changes have come to play in me not living up to my writing responsibilities for Wax Cracker.  However, those changes have led to a stronger, happier, and better me, and through all of the new in my life I know Wax Cracker will be better off.  You will see this reflected in my writing ahead and I am anxious to get back to posting on a normal basis.

So why the missed posts?  Wow, where to start?  I’ve ridden life’s wave of late and it has been pushing me to happier places and calmer waters.  This week I will be moving into a new studio that will be a more comfortable and homier spot that will serve as the perfect base camp for Wax Cracker.  Also, I have been working with Andy Waplinger and Brad Chuy to build a solid foundation behind the scenes as I look to push Wax Cracker further down the path of what I envision the site becoming.  Soon you will start to see the fruits of our labor of which I can’t wait to share with you all. So Wax Cracker may have seemed stale over the last few months, but we have been scurrying behind the scenes to build everything out. The site content alone in the coming months will be fresh on a daily basis and you will see more writers than just me posting.  That’s all I can share on that front for now.

Along with the new pad, I am excited to share with you all that I have recently been lucky enough to find and welcome a new love into my life.  Through the mid to last half of 2014 I had sworn off looking for someone new and I declared that what was left of 2014 would be the Year of Casey.  Yes, I know in declaring the YOC that it may have seemed self-centered, but I did it for the most part privately.  I wanted to get back to the core of who I am as a person and in most ways I wanted to ‘peel back the skin on the onion’ and find what at the most basic form makes me happy.  That journey turned out to take 8 months, and when I least expected it or even wanted it, I found someone that has left me happier than I have ever been. One of my best high school friends, Season, who actually was closer to a sister to me in high school, once gave me the best advice anyone has ever given me…and at the time she was a mere 17 years old when she dropped the following knowledge on me. Season shared with me during a time when I was feeling down about dealing with the opposite sex, “The minute you stop looking for something or someone is when it will find you.”  I have never forgotten that and in the years that have followed Season has been spot on. I stopped looking and just went about trying to make new friends and in that process I completely stumbled into what I have spent years looking for.

Through my newfound relationship I have found a refreshed drive for writing and I cannot take credit for finding it on my own.  I have to in large part give that credit to Karina, my new girlfriend.  I admitted to her early on that I had hit a roadblock in my writing.  I had started to experience my first bout of writer’s block since launching Wax Cracker. I knew some of the reasons I had lost my ability to write publicly, but it was through talking with Karina that I learned to get over them.  I had vowed when I launched Wax Cracker not to worry about writing perfectly or leave myself to fearing what others thought of my writing.  I gave in slightly to that during the second half of 2014 and I let life’s outside worries take away the joy and passion for writing from me. That and everything that encompasses it is fully on my shoulders and in working through it I have become a more confident writer even though I wasn’t writing.

Shortly before I flew home to the east coast to spend two weeks with my family for the holidays, Karina presented me with one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever been given.  She was able to gather from what I mentioned about not being able to write that I need a kick in the behind to jump start my writing again. One chilly and Christmas-time night, we got together to talk over coffee and in turn surprise each other with small gifts for Christmas.  Karina presented me with a writer’s journal inscribed with the following:

2014-12-17 05.41.19
The kick in the pants I needed to get back to writing.

Karina challenged me with writing in this journal during my long journey home to the east coast.  I agreed I would and enjoyed some much needed free writing on the plane during my 6,000 mile roundtrip home. Through that free writing I was able to find my writing groove again and get excited to continue my Wax Cracker posts.  I truly enjoy sharing my writing with you all and I very much appreciate the comments and private messages you all send me. I’m back on the tracks again with my writing and I wholeheartedly have to give Karina the credit for awakening my drive for writing again…and for that I owe her a huge thank you!

There were a few other reasons that held me from writing. I had planned to write from my home back on the east coast, but the lack of reliable/modern internet kept me from posting from the mountains of south-central  Pennsylvania.  I attempted to post a few articles but the internet was so slow that I couldn’t even get an article to go live on Wax Cracker.  I decided to sit on a few article ideas until I got back to San Diego and over the next few days I will start to share those stories with you all.

For now, it’s great to be back and I want to wish you all a Happy New Year.  Exciting things are ahead for Wax Cracker and I hope you all will continue to stick with me and help spread the word about my site.  Keep an eye on WaxCracker.com over the next few weeks as I start to fill you in on what has happened over the last few months as I share with you all what has left me so excited for the future of this project.

From Steel City Collectibles, to Andy Waplinger, Dinur Blum, Sterling More, John Von Gunten, Chris Shannon, Patrick Fortin, to everyone else associated with Wax Cracker, I want to thank you all for believing in me and supporting/participating in the success of Wax Cracker!  I am looking forward to kicking it up a gear and strengthening the presence of Wax Cracker in the sports and collecting genre.  Time to kick it up a notch boys and I couldn’t be more excited to ramp things up with a better group of writers and photographers. Let’s get cracking away!