The bet:

Seinfeld Bet
I’m taking the Ravens by 3 in Pittsburgh. It’s a pleasure wagering with you, Sterling More!

Casey and I go back a few years, meeting at work; I remember one of our first discussions was about ‘The Office’, then music, and finally sports. As I got to know him more, I realized what a good dude he is, and when meeting his parents while helping him move out of his Pittsburgh apartment, I made sure to tell them what a great job they did raising a good person, except for being a Ravens fan! They knew I was joking and we all had a good laugh, but ever since, we have always respected each other’s fanaticism and never really talk shit. On the day of this year’s playoff matchup with the Ravens and Steelers, I would like to make a friendly wager: should my team win, you owe me a Baltimore House seafood dinner, and should I lose, I will acknowledge whatever you would like from the Steel City. Good luck my friend, and whatever happens, I hope one of us represents the AFC North well!

-Sterling More

Thank you for offering this bet, Sterling, and I accept the wager!  In taking your wager I fully support my Ravens.  However, I cannot hide that I am considerably worried about Roethlisberger completely obliterating the Ravens struggling secondary tonight.  To build off of that, though, the Steelers will be without running back Le’Veon Bell.  This will be a huge blow for the Steelers. This matchup, especially since it is a primetime night game in Pittsburgh, has me worried.  Even with that said, I have to be true to the PURPLE and pick my Ravens by 3 on the road.  Start figuring out now how you plan to ship me some Chicken Latino burritos (don’t forget the green sauce!) and Primanti Brothers sandwiches, Sterling, and I want them fresh!

If you are out and about in San Diego today, I will be at Dan Diego’s off of Morena Blvd. sporting the PURPLE. Come on out and join me my fellow Ravens fans!