The main point of my website at the time of launch was to open a pack of sports cards a day for the entire year. In setting Wax Cracker up in this fashion I figured it would force me to make a post every day and keep me writing.  I started this site to get me back into sports writing, something I have enjoyed for many years. I believe I didn’t miss my first post until somewhere in the low 200s. For me, making it over 200 straight days without missing a post was a huge win, and it was a great achievement for me to take the streak that long. As I’ve briefly touched on previously, I went through some major changes in my life in 2014. Life happens and we all have to figured out how to deal with everything that goes on.  I’ve missed multiple post in my quest for opening 365 packs of sports cards.

I’m here tonight, however, to let you all know I will be finishing the 365 pack challenge I’ve held myself to. I know it would have been great to open the 365th pack on New Years Eve, but it didn’t work out that way.  I am currently on Pack 311 in this wax cracking journey.  I have stockpiled some packs and I will be having a large break soon to share all of my hits.  I am also working with Sean from Steel City Collectibles to find a hard hitting pack to crack open as the 365th pack.  Hang in there, I’ll get back to cracking some packs open this week.

2015-01-06 20.56.57
Upcoming packs as I crack my way to the 365th pack milestone.

In other news, I have been excited to have Sterling More and John Von Gunten back up and writing for Wax Cracker.  I want to start sharing some more of Dinur Blum’s live action sports shots, and I will be checking in with Chris Shannon soon to see what he has in the works for shooting live action shots at State College Spikes minor league games this year.  Mix that all in with some player interviews, wax crackings, and other topics I have coming up, and we have some exciting times ahead here on Wax Cracker.

Also, I may be spreading my wing some with an upcoming sports venture. I’m dying to share the news with you all, but I promise to have a post up soon with more details on that.  I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.  Take care and keep on cracking!