The time has come to make the announcement I have eluded to in some of my cryptic posts from Petco Park recently.  As with everything else I have written on Wax Cracker thus far, there is a story behind the news. Kick back, grab a beer with me, and join in to share in this huge news for not only Wax Cracker and myself, but for my new California Republic of Baseball Podcast  co-collaborators and good friends, Matt Pirtle and Tommy DiPietro.  The launch of this baseball and sports podcast is so exciting for me that I am shaking as I write this post.  Please stick with me as I pound the keys to share this momentus occasion with you all.

The History, Why a Podcast, & Why With This Cast of Characters?

If you were a reader of over the Summer you may remember me referencing the bar in the Gaslamp District of San Diego that I mentioned for having a great collection of baseball artifacts. It just so happened that in that bar over the Summer that I met some of the best baseball minds that I have ever come across. You may remember me mentioning some of these characters in passing…Matt the Cardinals fan, Tommy the Yankees fan, Larry the Athletics fan, and Oscar the Yankees fan.  It was with this cast of characters that I got back into some of the deepest baseball conversation and friendly arguments that I have gotten in in a long time.  It was in those talks that a small snowball eventually turned into an avalanche of baseball excitement.

How it all started…baseball, beer, camaraderie, and fandom led to the California Republic of Baseball Podcast idea.

Matt, Tommy D, and I spent the Summer talking the nights away over some brews and baseball chatter.  I had a fun run with Matt as his Cardinals and my Orioles made a push for the World Series, especially since I had a bet on that exact matchup, which I had placed in Las Vegas months before meeting Matt. It was a crazy Summer of making new friendships and sharing great moments with fellow sports fans for me.  It was in those conversations that the original idea for the California Republic of Baseball was born.

Tommy D and I during San Diego Comicon as we enjoyed the costumes and some Orioles and Yankees smack talk between buddies.

As the summer flew by, Matt, Tommy, and I formed a great baseball buddy bond.  Matt and Tommy were kind enough to listen to me as I rambled on about my ideas for Wax Cracker.  They supported me through some rough times that I was going through and helped me forget about my worries as they turned my focus back to baseball. Baseball is my go to when I am feeling down and it always seems to pull me out of any funk that I am in.

Tommy and I met some crazy people over sports talk with random strangers. This cast of characters were big shots from Subway who happened to be in town for a conference. Tommy and I recounted our favorite boxing memories with them, thus the poses in this picture.

Tommy and I hit it off right away. Well not quite. He’s a Yankees fan and I am an Orioles fan, rightfully we should hate each other. However, once you get to know Tommy you can’t hold against him his poor taste in a baseball team. I quickly learned to put his Yankees fandom behind me and see the wonderful and knowledgeable sports fan and person he is.  We will get more into Tommy’s background as the podcast progresses, but just be forewarned, he is a colorful character from New York.

Tommy and I in the Omni Club during the Giants v. Padres game. I promised Tommy I would make my way into that exclusive club before summer’s end and I made it with two weeks to spare in the season. Amazing seats with gourmet food right behind home plate at Petco Park.

And then there’s Matt. Matt is the one that helped harness our baseball fever and put the train on the tracks to get the California Republic of Baseball steaming full speed ahead.  Matt approached me over a beer the night before I flew back to the east coast for three weeks over Christmas to see my family and friends.  Matt shared his idea for the CRB, and it sent shivers up my spine. I had been contemplating putting together a podcast to supplement my project.  Matt was throwing out to me the exact ideas I was kicking around in my head, and it was super eery to hear him now sharing with me his idea for a podcast concept.  Matt didn’t want a yes or a no from me that night. He wanted me to think it over during my travels.  While I was away he planned to talk things over with Tommy to see if he could bring him onboard to be my cohost on the CRB podcast.  I knew that night I was in, but I promised Matt I would think it over and met him over another brew upon my return. Matt did a ton of work while I was gone to get this project off the ground. I was blown away upon my return to see all that he had already accomplished.

Matt and I enjoying great time with friends in the Gaslamp District of San Diego over the Summer.

Matt was kind enough to be a sounding board for me all Summer.  I needed someone to talk to and he turned out to be a brother I could turn to for advice. Beyond the baseball and sports talk, Matt and Tommy are great people with strong ethics. I wouldn’t want to be part of a project like this with people that at the very core are not good people. My focus is to have fun with this project and push my sports dream a little further when most may think by now it will never happen. I could care less at this point if I am ever in front of the camera or behind the mic for big time sportscasts. That in the end probably isn’t me anyway, but a project like the California Republic of Baseball already feels like home to me. I am ecstatic to get the chance to talk sports with Matt and Tommy and in turn share our crazy talks with you all.

2015-01-24 11.36.54 HDR
Exploring downtown as Matt and I look for a recording home for the CRB Podcast. We had to stop by Tony Gywnn’s statue for good luck.

The aforementioned is why I gave Matt an enthusiastic yes upon my return to San Diego.  Matt, Tommy, and I in our typical fashion met over beers downtown and all agreed that we were going to put out hearts behind making the California Republic of Baseball Podcast the very best it can be.  I won’t go into specifics about the show tonight.  I just want to share with you all that the California Republic of Baseball Podcast will be featured on and quite possibly many more sports websites soon as we build the project out.

2015-01-24 11.37.41
Matt acting like a director. This is going to be a crazy baseball season, and this guy thinks he can reign in Tommy and I. Good luck, buddy! Get ready to edit and bleep a lot!
2015-01-24 11.01.54 HDR-2
Exciting times are ahead. Here is to the California Republic of Baseball Podcast with Casey & Tommy D., produced and directed by Matt Pirtle! Matt and I are pictured during our recent visit to the press box at Petco Park.

And with that news, I am proud to share with you all what was originally meant to be a practice taping of the CRB Podcast.  We met recently just to get a sample recorded of how Tommy and I would mesh behind the mics. What came of that meeting was what we feel is sports chemistry right off the bat.  Matt and I talked it over and agreed we shouldn’t can that first sports talk and never use it…and in turn, we are happy to give you a sneak peek into what Matt, Tommy, and I have been pouring our time into recently.  Below you will find a link to the Wax Cracker YouTube channel, where for now you will find the CRB home until we officially launch the podcast in the coming weeks. This link will go live tomorrow 2/3/15. Just click on our logo below tomorrow to be taken to the our sample podcast. I couldn’t hold back this announcement any longer and had to share the news with you all tonight. I hope you all return tomorrow to listen to the sample.

podcast logo
The California Republic of Baseball is coming to and other various sports websites!

It’s an absolute pleasure to break this news on I hope you all will continue to support Wax Cracker and bring your listening ears over to the California Republic of Baseball Podcast when we launch. Look for an article from Matt soon introducing the concept of the CRB and what we plan to talk about this Summer.

Exciting times are ahead my friends!  As always, thank you for reading.